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Research Notes 2018-4-2

MyHeritage continues to improve their mobile apps. They recently added a photo and document scanner making it possible to scan documents and photos easily and quickly. 895 more words

Research Notes

Victorian GUM (VicGUM)

Victorian GUM Inc. or VicGUM (GUM) established in 1984 is an association of family history researchers using computers. With a national membership exceeding 800, GUM is Australia’s leading association helping genealogist’s better use their computers, associated equipment and genealogy programs as part of their family history interest. 344 more words


Filling In Dates for Civil Facts

I recently figured out that I have quite a few Civil Facts without dates. Places are great but they are most helpful when paired with a date. 87 more words


Did My Cousin Really Marry a Cousin?

Today it’s time to check Cousin Marriages. Go to Publish>Person Reports>Data Error Report and change settings where Errors To Include=Spouses have the same last name. Be sure to include All Individuals. 195 more words


Family Tree Maker and the Ancestry App

It was two years ago in February 2016 that I wrote my first blog while trying to understand what was going on between Ancestry and the software Family Tree Maker that I had been using successfully on my desktop computer for some years. 754 more words

Adding Date for SSDI Civil Fact

So, the merging of SSDI info into FTM has changed a few times. I recently noticed that it added a ‘Civil’ Fact. After opening the cooresponding source citation I figured out that this info was coming from ‘State (Year) SSN issued’. 36 more words


Save time - Wait to Resolve Places

Are you fixing each and every Place after every merge? If so you might be able to save some time and clicks by waiting until the end of your ‘genealogy session’ and doing them all at once, especiallly if the people you are working on are all in the same area. 191 more words