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Joanne Pioszak – Obit 1950 – plus 14 other obit

I saw an obituary for Joanne Pioszak in a 1950 newspaper and I created a family tree, on Ancestry.com, to hold the screen print of the obit. 480 more words

Family Trees

Old Photos - Arleen S Scheiderer

I bought some old photos at an art show and I am now trying to find an owner.

Update 27 Sep 2016: I had created two trees when I first started going through the estate items; one for Arleen Scheiderer and the other for the Ferguson family. 267 more words


Tutorial on German Family Tree

For the past several months I have been reviewing, “on line tutorials” about genealogy to show at our monthly meetings of the Clarkston Area Genealogy Society… 212 more words


Capture Ancestry dot com records

I was at a 50th high school reunion luncheon and an old classmate asked me for help with her tree. I created a tree for Toni with the information she gave me and thought I was done, but no. 337 more words


1000 - Family Trees – The MIONSIOG List – Update – 6

Nov 8, 2016

Readers of my blog know that I create family trees using information off of old newspaper items. Since I create these trees on Ancestry.com, only Ancestry.com users get to learn about these obscure items and family trees. 92 more words


Crop the item to fit the frame - 1904 marriage - Canada

Crop the item to fit the frame.

In past blog postings I said that cropping a long column newspaper item is sometimes better for a family tree. 203 more words

Family Trees

Robert W Spang obit 1910 - Penn

Sometimes you have to cut up the newspaper item in order to make it fit better on the tree.

Newspaper columns are narrow and long and fit the news print page but are not easily displayed on a family tree profile page. 215 more words