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Crop the item to fit the frame - 1904 marriage - Canada

Crop the item to fit the frame.

In past blog postings I said that cropping a long column newspaper item is sometimes better for a family tree. 203 more words

Family Trees

Robert W Spang obit 1910 - Penn

Sometimes you have to cut up the newspaper item in order to make it fit better on the tree.

Newspaper columns are narrow and long and fit the news print page but are not easily displayed on a family tree profile page. 215 more words


1928 Rochester, New York – Two little girls on the front page

Maybe some relative of these two little girls will be able to tell us what happened to the family.

Sometimes a picture in the newspaper will grab my attention and I will grab the link to it for future investigation. 364 more words


Genealogy Lessons on You Tube 2.0

There are many genealogy lessons on You Tube.

Below are some of those lessons.

Crista Cowan
Ancestry.com You Tube lessons

Some Genealogy Records Have No Names…
261 more words


John Miller obit - 1901

As readers of my blog know, I create trees using information off of old newspaper items. Once I create the tree and attach a screen print of the news item, I then try to find a family tree for the person or persons featured in the news item. 998 more words


Povey and Partridge families connection 1899 - Michigan

Why should I follow a branch that is not mine? I wrote a piece about this subject a while back and I have now found another good example of why you should follow all branches of your tree. 615 more words


Family Trees – The MIONSIOG List – Update – 4

Readers of my blog know that I create family trees using information off of old newspaper items. Since I create these trees on Ancestry.com, only Ancestry.com users get to learn about these obscure items and family trees. 4,631 more words