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beijing's final word is a cup of tea

After traveling from the US to China with ten family members, attending my brother-in-law’s graduation, visiting temples, sand dunes, and restaurants, the three of us spent our last day in China in Beijing. 384 more words

Colorado 2018

With love from Poland

I was in Poland last week <3 For those who don’t know, I’m half-Polish (my dad is Polish). I’ve never been to the country before, but my parents have and they’ve always wanted my sister and I to experience it for the first time with them. 596 more words


Legoland Malaysia - Lego heaven!

When we were planning for a Philippine vacation, we thought of going on an international trip with our son. If it would happen, it would be the first time, aside from Oman of course. 938 more words

waking up in china

If you save for a year, get on a plane and fall asleep for twelve hours, you can wake up in China too. Oh, and your brother-in-law has to attend Chinese Uni. 34 more words

Travel Photography

Part 1: Unconventional Thai Experiences On The Andaman Sea

The one tip all happy travelers swear by:

Skip the commercial destinations. If you want to explore the unusual, take photos without tons of people in the background and witness the dumbfounding beauty of nature, don’t pick an itinerary drafted by a popular travel agency. 449 more words

Peculiar Paths

The City of Lilies – Florence, Italy

As the epicenter of medieval Europe, creator of the Renaissance, and home to Michaelangelo’s statue of David, Florence is an attractive city to lovers of the humanities. 399 more words


France Trip Recap Part 2 (Weird Pictures)

I would like to share with all of you “my” kind of tourist pictures in this post.  I have written this before but am going to repeat myself with the idea that many of you have not read why I take weird pictures when I travel and think that I am just weird… 1,479 more words

Family Trip