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Shovel Your Way To Washington, D.C.

Usually when we have a snow day it is really exciting and there is cheering, cartwheels and confetti throwing. But when you have snow day after snow day after snow day . 335 more words


Barefoot in Laiya

Summer is just around the corner but we just. Can’t. Wait. So we packed our bags and headed to Laiya, Batangas. We we’re all excited, … 142 more words

The life aquatic


We’re six days DPO and with fingers crossed for those little swimmers to make the long journey home.

I’m so glad we’re on vacation, so Im occupied instead of obsessing about TTC nonstop. 94 more words

Social Program: Helping School 9 de Julio

We were hunting doves with Wayne, a priest from Dallas Baptist church, and all his friends some days ago. The second day while I was scouting for doves I stopped at School “9 de Julio” to talk with some of the neighbours about some doves fields; in northern Cordoba. 541 more words

Non-Shooting Activities

Traveling with Baby: Buying Tickets

In the next two months I will be taking Annabelle on two plane flights.  The first, which I am calling our “practice run,” is a short, direct flight from Houston to West Virginia to visit relatives.   675 more words


Korean mudflat seaside Moochangpo, Gaesimsa Buddhist temple

For some reasons I had feeling that I should start my blog by posting something about Korea, so I just looked at my old pictures and found something from 2011 winter. 700 more words

Family Trip

History of Venice

The history of Venice

Venice is connected to the mainland by a railway and highway bridge named Ponte della Liberta’ (Freedom Bridge), and is built on more than a 100 islands sitting in the middle of the lagoon, a reflecting pool offering breathtaking views at sunsets but also a maze of shoals and channels that over the years acted as a natural barrier against foreign invasions, allowing the city to become a chest of invaluable artistic treasures. 307 more words

Things To Do In Venice