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You Will Never Regret Spending More Time With Your Family

I shared a quote the other day that hit a nerve with people and got a lot likes and share. The quote was, “You will never regret spending more time with your family”. 376 more words

How To Start a Conversation With Your Spouse About Money

Let’s face it most people don’t like speaking about money. It’s about as taboo as speaking about sex. Even with our spouses it can be difficult to bring up the topic of money and budget. 676 more words

7 Steps To An Insanely Productive Morning For Parents

This blog is focused on helping new parents take back control of their financial life.  I will have a lot of post focused on the nitty gritty of getting your financial life in order and bringing peace to your family and marriage when it comes to money.  856 more words

Reduce Family Stress with These 4 Tools

We all experience times of stress in our day to day family life. This is completely normal. But family stress can be reduced by putting some practical habits in place. 526 more words

The Secret to Successful Goal Setting As A Couple

Two years ago, in January, Kristen and I loaded up the Jeep and set off on our annual pilgrimage to the bayous of South Louisiana. 617 more words

Why Most Don’t Achieve Their Goals

I love setting goals. In high school I stumbled across Stephen Covey’s book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and I was hooked instantly. I have used his seven habits to different degrees for the past 15 years and I have found tremendous value using them. 375 more words

Three Questions That Can Change your Finances and Your Family

We all want to make more money, save more money, reduce financial stress and live a more comfortable life. There is nothing wrong with these things and feeling frustrated when we don’t have them. 302 more words