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The Crazy, Mouthy Mother-in-Law

Literally, from the moment my fiancé and I started dating and I met her, I just knew. I knew she was one of those crazy, overly insert herself types. 263 more words



I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus over the last few days because I have been running around from wake up to sleep getting ready for today! 231 more words

365 Day Project

Song 11

Saw that old
man so cold.
No passion
for no gold.
Reeling bad
family sad.
Breaking even
never they had.
So they said
“leave us dad”. 17 more words

Sometimes Good Things Happen Because Of Bad Circumstances...

Ed and his brothers, standing in front of their home,  cir. 1966

When a loved one dies, suddenly the family is thrust into the frenzy of making funeral arrangements, and therefore, are forced to spend a lot of time together.   848 more words

A Quick Neighbours Recap

There were high perm counts, low sperm counts, cutting apron put downs and some oddly Aussie/Scottish accented “given epp ezz nort yer stale” motivational type dialogue that should have come with subtitles. 308 more words


Last week on Neighbours...

Missed Neighbours last week? Then you missed smirking smarmy doctors, Valentine’s Day celebrations, traffic light parties, the discovery of a portal to a c.2005 bikini plot-line, yet more personal trainer/handyman relationship angst (don’t worry I’m sure there’ll be more next week) and some rather dodgy mimed singing at Charlies. 635 more words



30906: I drink at least a half bottle of wine each night while my husband is at his AA class. Does this make me a bad wife?

Family Woes