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Just The Facts, November 2016


Here’s what’s new in Saskatoon’s real estate world.
243 homes were purchased in November that number 13.5% lower than November 2015 when 281 homes were purchased. 295 more words

Cure Holiday Blues with Some Red, White, and Blue Service

Although the holiday season can be filled with joy, that is not always the case. According to an article on Psychology Today, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that people experience the most depression this time of year. 225 more words



Perhaps you’ve heard that I have children. I know… it’s a surprise because I hardly ever mention them… (ha.)

Their first report cards of the year came home recently. 57 more words


Beautiful Arrangement

It is a beautiful arrangement, also derived from days of yore, that this festival, which commemorates the announcement of the religion of peace and love, has been made the season for gathering together of family connections, and drawing closer again those bands of kindred hearts, which the cares and pleasures and sorrows of the world are continually operating to cast loose: of calling back the children of a family, who have launched forth in life, and wandered widely asunder, once more to assemble about the paternal hearth, that rallying – place of affections, there to grow young and loving again among the endearing mementos of childhood.
—Washington Irving

Highland Haven B&B

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax - Cinnamon Racoon

We saw this very relaxed cinnamon racoon at a small Christmas carnival held at one of the local parks in town. There were kids everywhere but he casually sat for most of the day that many people thought he was a stuffed animal. 60 more words


Itsy Bitsy

What is your spider’s name?

In the novel I’m writing, perhaps more slowly than I’d like, naming the characters as they arrive is both a pleasure and a challenge. 1,069 more words

Tenacious Dedication

I feel nostalgically melancholy today.  I am remembering a time, about a decade ago, when I seethed with frustration surrounding a disappointing rejection my daughter suffered through.  223 more words