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My sister sings at Harlow's in Sacramento

My sister Andy Allo was in Sacramento this past weekend. On Saturday, she performed at Harlow’s on J Street in downtown Sacramento. It was a wonderful and I was so happy to see her on stage and listen to her sing. 674 more words


Breathe taken away...

Cody is taking my breathe away. He seems so inuitive with the psychology stuff. Like his friend took my ring off my finger and joked engaged me then Cody did it and said something about Owen and stuff. 88 more words

On Joining a New Family

Aly’s family has a wonderful tradition of going to Woman Lake Lodge every summer for a week to relax, fish, swim, sit around the fire, and just hang out as a family. 323 more words


Do You Paint Your Nails?

By Gabrielle. Adorable manicure found on The Glitter Guide. So many heavy topics lately! I don’t really mind — I like a good, serious conversation. But today I woke up needing something a little lighter. 27 more words


Goodbye Selfies + Baby Puppy Pics

The Mariners puppies are long gone (two weeks!), but I have one last post I really wanted to make. Over time, I’ve developed several foster traditions, one of which is taking selfies with each of the puppies before they leave. 675 more words


Court Officials Refusing To Serve Their Public After Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Amidst the jubilation and tears of joy at the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court in favor of same-sex marriage being constitutional, there is a stubborn refusal of acceptance, even amongst the very clerks and magistrates, to recognize the legality of said unions. 717 more words