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If you happen to be anything like myself, you will be a person full of dreams ideas and plans of the future. I’ve aspired to be my own boss for most of my life and I feel blessed to be able to began the journey as a business owner and entrepreneur.

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my kidney

Hurts, its causing lower back pain. it has been going on for month or months. Now mind you its only suspicion of my kidneys. BUT i have tested my theory by drinking cranberry juice in hopes that it actually does aid the cleansing of toxins from the kidneys in turn relieving my pain. 353 more words


Happy Valentine's Day to my langga and anak!

I love you both so much!

This life we live is very hard and no matter the situation, I take comfort from your love. No matter the argument I would have no one but you. 69 more words


"I Took My Last Family Vacation For Granted" Club

The last vacation I took with my parents and sister was to Puerto Rico in July 1996. I just graduated from NYU, newly dating my later-to-be husband. 544 more words


My (Single) Valentine

Ah yes, the inevitable Valentine’s Day rush. People are desperately seeking out a date for the holiday barreling over the horizon, and Walmart aisles are filling with flowers, candy, and oversized stuffed animals. 697 more words


Hello, Bonjour, Buenos Dias!

I’ve long delayed starting a blog, for the simple reason that I wasn’t sure there would be others out there who would find my life interesting.  307 more words