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The reality of being 36 weeks pregnant

It goes a little something like this: my sense of smell (of good things and bad!) is heightened times 100. I’m on a daily emotional rollercoaster where i’m crying over the smallest things, and I have been getting intense… 177 more words

Our Family

Another Update on my Brother

What do you do when the room seems bare and there’s no where to hide your care. When you’re alone in the dark and the monster all chomp at your heart… 325 more words


Reconnecting with the Family

Between endless days in the office and work-related travel, Babe, Hubby and I have hardly spent any time together in 2015.

Enter: MEXICO!

With a lot of foresight, on a rainy day in November I had booked tickets for Cancun, and reserved a room in the most amazing, child friendly boutique hotel I have come across so far: Jashita. 225 more words


Where is time going?!

In terms of this blog and life in general, I literally feel like time is flying by so fast! Weeks go so quickly and I cannot believe I am nearly at the end of my second year at university. 80 more words

Time, you never cease to amuse!

It fizzles out of hand- time! It gallops across seasons, years, decades and affects everything: people, relationships, cities and countries! But, thank God, certain things remain constant…exactly the way you have left behind many years ago: the love, affection and concern of parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles: they do not get affected, but they age to become even more ardent! 168 more words


How To Make Friends

It’s pretty amazing to watch my daughter interact with other kids. Other people in general. She is what you call a social butterfly. What amazes me the most is that there seems to be no age limit for her. 360 more words



Something I touched on in a previous post is friendships, these are hard for me, hell I struggle to understand why my husband still stands by me and why he is with me, let alone trying to fathom out friendships! 405 more words