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Navigating Cyril Project No. 1 'The beginning of a story without middle or end...'

I’ve set things in motion. I’ve arranged a few pieces of the jigsaw on an uneven surface and now I wait to see what alchemy occurs.

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Connection, Belonging & History

The Story of Eileen: 'Ribbon of Still Water'

“The past beats inside me like a second heart.”

John Banville, The Sea

I’m wanting to take a different and less predictable route to help me to understand my fascination with our old Birmingham Canal Navigation day boat…

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The Story Of Eileen

Navigating Cyril Project No. 8 'The Wishing Stone'

The distinction between life and lifeless is a human construct. Every atom in this body existed before organic life emerged 4000 million years ago. Remember our childhood as minerals, as lava, as rocks?

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Connection, Belonging & History

Navigating Cyril Project No. 7 'Nachglanz'

You are what you remember. It’s difficult to imagine being ‘you’ without some access to your remembered life story. But the new science of memory tells us that remembering is just that: a story. 449 more words

Connection, Belonging & History

Navigating Cyril Project 19. 'Famous throughout the World'

“FAMOUS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD” was the trademark logo of Valentine’s Co. Ltd. (Valentine & Sons) 1825-1963 Dundee, Scotland and London, England. In working on my lists of postcards relating to Matlock Bath “Valentine’s” is a name I come across regularly, so I thought I’d find out a little more about the firm. 668 more words


Navigating Cyril Project No.17 : Slippery Names...

Those readers who’ve followed the SLOWBOAT blog since the start of 2014 will know I’ve had a couple of what I’d called ‘sighting’ projects on the go for a while. 493 more words