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Starting 2018: New Years Goals

I know it is cliché to write down New Years Resolutions. Just like that Hallmark chick flick you shamefully click on, resolutions always come back in January. 755 more words


Peter Pan Pantomime!

It was that time of year where thousands of people come together to experience one of my most loved experiences in Canterbury! The pantomime! This year Peter Pan has came to the Marlowe Theatre stage. 928 more words


New Years Games

K I know the clock is ticking. And honestly I was gonna back out of this post, but these games are so quick to put together and I made it even easier with a print out that I couldn’t say no! 762 more words


Checked bringing my grandmother to Vegas off my Bucketlist 

My grandmother has been dying to come to Vegas for as long as I can remember .  Every time she comes to visit me we talk about going next time she comes to visit . 150 more words

Little Lizzie Lizard

Today we saw a lizard in our little garden. She was very active and very healthy. But, a year ago we found one in our cantina. 696 more words


Tasmania Trip: Lessons Learnt

Back from our vacation in Tasmania, I reflected on the key takeaways, beyond the activities and fun we had.

1. Mother nature is magnificent, and we ought to respect the environment we live in. 842 more words

Oh Dickens! It's Christmas at Chatsworth

Oh Dickens! It’s Christmas at Chatsworth

11 November 2017–7 January 2018

 Last week, I was invited with my family to attend Oh Dickens! It’s Christmas at Chatsworth. 839 more words