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Adjusting to Mom Life

It’s been so long since I’ve been on here that I can’t even remember when was the last entry I made. So much has happened since then… 461 more words

Married Life

On The Bridge To Nowhere In Particular (Part 2)

Continued …

The provisional title of my master’s work is “Never, Never, Debt!” It originates from the influential Canadian guitarist and singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn who has written many a passionate lyric covering human rights, politics, and spirituality. 360 more words


Becoming A Fun Mom, When Fun Isn't Your Middle Name

To be identified as a “fun” mom would probably send me into a rarely occurring giggle fit, if my kids have ever seen me have one. 1,120 more words


Our Family Photographer

I have been meaning to post these beautiful pictures my sister in law Deanna Curry took of us. She has been our photographer for years and has done some amazing work! 157 more words

Family Life

A Lesson in Gratefulness.

I’m feeling grateful today.
The best things in life often go unnoticed because they have become a blur in the motion picture that is life. I’ve been so busy trying to cling to who I am as a woman, separate from my family that I almost lost sight of who I am as a mommy and wife. 223 more words

Tea, Wine, & Chocolate--Life As A Mommy

Mummy's sacrafice

So this morning when sorting through what I call the wardrobe of randomness I came across a set of Disney Pixar Inside Out talking characters which Mark and the boys had bought me last year. 284 more words

On The Bridge To Nowhere In Particular (Part 1)

Occasionally, to break the monotony of the same walk each day, and my master has access to the car, he will take me to no less more exotic places. 376 more words