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My shameful mother confession

Let’s talk about shame. In particular my shame over having unconventional plans in place for how my little family has managed with a newborn. Our plans were not what I have considered in my mind to be ‘normal’ and I have been plagued with guilt and shame & thoughts that I’m a bad mum who is not good enough and should be able to manage but can’t because of these ideas. 1,090 more words


Servant Leadership in two easy lessons.

Lesson 1:  Your only job as a husband is to sacrifice yourself for her, not lead her.  Don’t ever tell her what her role is or what to do.  217 more words


Living the Dream

My friend’s mother has a phrase we repeated when we dwelled in the Realm of Raising Toddlers: after happiness comes tears.

After playing with sand, a spat over ownership of a small red shovel – as if the earth’s continued rotation depended on who held that plastic scoop. 149 more words



My daughter and her friend, walking in a pause of rain yesterday from Memorial Day parade practice to the town library, paused beneath an apple tree along the river. 85 more words


General Update on the Family.

I realised the other day that the kids are growing at an exponential rate, and I haven’t really documented much on what they’ve been doing – which was the whole point of this blog! 1,576 more words


Cucked by Courtly Love.

Cuckoo’s are diabolical parasites.  The video below shows what happens after a cuckoo egg is laid in a Warbler’s nest.

The cuckoo chick ejects the real offspring so it can take their place.  524 more words

Traditional Conservatives

Stretching Beyond Kidhood

At dinner, my nearly-12-year-old daughter laughs with her friend, dirt smeared in patches on her face – under one eye, at her forehead’s crest – possibly where she’s swatted at black flies, or where she’s lain on the earth this summery Sunday, looking at something I’ll never know. 198 more words