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First blog post

Who are you?

I’m a mum of 2 who also works with children and has done for over 10 years. I wanted to start a blog after seeing so many ideas and having so many thoughts over the last 10 years from how things have changed to what more I can do. 577 more words


Ipad childproof cases

Zack’s new iPad case arrived today, one day early (!!). After destroying my case with keyboard (r.i.p) he’s dropped the iPad on his toe quite a few times, resulting in blood and ouchie toe . 54 more words

Family Life

The art of letting them down gently

A is not interested in boys, yet. Of course, I say “yet” because it goes against the laws of nature to suggest that she will remain disinterested until she is 22, although I think K would like it… 735 more words

Family Life

Open Letter to My Baby Daddy

Dear DNA provider of my daughter,

As, I write this letter I can only hope that it finds you. I honestly do not know if I have located the correct address but, if I did then here goes nothing. 629 more words


Enrolled and discharged

Proud mum last week (I’m proud a lot of the time, but this was notable).┬áT joined the local Police Cadets group around a month ago and this week he was issued with his uniform, after passing his formal interview. 638 more words

2 Months In...

We have officially been here 2 months and some days it feels like we have been here a year and then again, we are just barely getting settled. 283 more words

"Siblings: Children of the same parents, each of whom are completely normal, until they get together"

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of siblings. Whether you have one or four, you’re incredibly lucky to have someone who understands you and loves you unconditionally. 832 more words