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Where it all began!

For a very long time from the age of Thirteen I was told  “you need to find your thing” from everyone, School Teachers, Mother, Sisters, and so I went and searched for this “thing” over and over again I just kept getting lost I’d pick things up and put them down feeling like I had failed every single time and then it was no longer about “my thing” now people didn’t care whether or not it was “my thing” anything will do JUST FIND A THING!. 238 more words


Holiday Couple trouble

Men and women. Husband and wife.
Two opinions, two diffrent desires.
I am a full time traveler, caused by my job as a flightattendant.
I simply love traveling and I feel open for all kinds of destinations abroad. 251 more words



Who am I? :)

I am a boring stay at home on a Saturday night with a hot chocolate and cuddle with my Two handsome men (My 10month old puppy and my other half) 21 year old just trynaa make a baby! 20 more words


Spinach, Kale, and Red Potato Soup

I don’t claim to be a chef. I am not an expert with recipes.  I am just a mom who wants to cook an easy, healthy, and yummy meals for her family. 398 more words


We're Gonna Be Okay

Well I’ve done it. I’ve carved away an entire precious hour of kid-free time, just to write. This took an entire revamping of my day, of course…and blankets over all my windows to convince my toddlers that it is indeed bedtime (at 2:45 PM). 362 more words


In the mood for Love

It’s the countdown to Valentine’s Day. Can you feel the love!!

With a five year old and one year old, its tricky to plan a romantic day or night out and even harder to find the energy to be bothered! 421 more words


A division of labour....

Steve will happily spend hours drawing, whilst the rest of the household chores get done around him. I’m sure he thinks that Dobby the house elf just turns up and does it all by magic – if only!!