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Icy Reminiscences

This February reminds me, yet again, of how rapidly our world changes: nearly 70ยบ degrees yesterday, with my daughter reading on the back porch and eating a turkey sandwich, to this nearly colorless day, where the younger daughter and I slide over the ice around our house, tacking to the neighbors’ bare patch of ground beneath her pines. 132 more words


Darkest Hour at The Odyssey

Last night, K and I went to watch Darkest Hour at The Odyssey cinema.

I love The Odyssey. When I was a child and then a teenager, and even into my early twenties, The Odyssey was an Odeon cinema and the only cinema in the local vicinity. 950 more words

Will 4 be too much?

I’m sitting on the sofa, still wearing my pyjamas. Hairs not been brushed nor my teeth for that matter. Believe it or not though, I have been run of my bloody feet all morning. 663 more words

Expat or "Lopat": How to Make Your Life Abroad More Authentic

Now more than ever, people are seriously considering a life of work and family away from their home countries. The world, as everyone knows and says, has become much smaller. 372 more words

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Pizza Roll - A Quick Dinner Fix

Every other week, I have those days where I need a quick fix for dinner because I often reach back home late for variable reasons ๐Ÿ˜‘ 218 more words

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YouTube Taught Me Sex Ed

My name is Julia, and I am by no means an expert in the world of health. But before exiting out of this tab, you should know that my years of studying mass communications at Virginia Commonwealth University have made me somewhat of an expert on how to… 590 more words


How my pets prepared me for Motherhood.

I’ve spoken about Lennox and Lucifer before on here but something I didn’t realise until quite recently was how much those two prepared me for life with a toddler. 951 more words