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The Blame Game!

I know that when you lose something, you always find it in the last place you look (obviously!) But it is easier to find things if you actually go and look for them in the first place!


I’m sitting here teaching Arielle Mathematics, and waiting for her to respond to me … simple maths like how much is left after $$ amount is spent – basically, it’s addition/subtraction. 166 more words


4 Things You Can Do To Help Your Loved Ones Quit Smoking Cigarettes

My husband and I met each other when we were still in college. He is already a smoker by then. Of course, I didn’t mind it at first. 721 more words

Momma In Distress

The Birthday List

I went with this strip from Carole’s book of scripts because it was nice and easy to draw! It also made sense to have Caz’s birthday close to the anniversary of when we started.* 23 more words

Flashback Memory #1

I usually have 5-7 of the same flashbacks from my childhood that happen to me all the time – usually during social outings. Other flashbacks & nightmares happen around four times per week. 827 more words

The endeavor continues and ends with celebration

I have neglected my writing since my last post because I have been simultaneously drained and in chaos with the latest endeavors.

I am convinced that I have a destructive addiction to social media and should probably remove Facebook from my phone. 1,380 more words