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The Princess and the Pea

As a child, my mother would read to me all of the time.  I loved it. I loved stories. I really loved the characters. I would connect with the characters..even the villians. 1,229 more words

It's a......................................................


So I had make a delivery today on our farm.

It was a baby boy verr.

Here is his intro to dis world.

Welcome to the farm baby boy.


Diner -absolute craziness

Well tonights was Asain craziness take out nights.

What we learned is there is no boys in this group.

We also learned we eat a lot of Chinese food. 15 more words


The day everything changed.

Tomorrow is April 16th again. It has been 29 years. And even though it is a long time, I still remember every moment from that day. 1,450 more words


Chores and cuteness

 Everyone understand how being a kid means you has chores.

Well part of the chores I does is take care of the farm animals.

o.O did I just step in chicken poop?? 45 more words


Laundry day -Suzie style

Today is laundry day for me.  I waiting for the washer to finish so I can toss into the dryers.  Once in the dryer then I waits for it so I can change out of my pjs. 146 more words


Sunday Fun day

Day 1. Sunday fun day. In a normal family Sunday’s are usually spent together enjoying one another’s company, attending church, eating Sunday dinner with the in-laws, working around the house. 664 more words