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Day 33 of the summer holidays - Our journey to space

So today we decided to take Neil and Ethan up to Leicester to the National Space Centre for the day. Now up until recently I didnt even know that this place existed so with Neils interest in all thing space we were keen to pay a visit and see what it was like. 233 more words

The 4 stages of answering your phone to one of those lovely accident claim calls.. by Grayson

1. Answer the phone with enthusiasm
2. Let them ramble on… 66 more words


Today was spent getting up early to go and collect Evan and Olivia. Evan celebrated his 9th birthday last week but was away with his mum so today was daddy’s turn to celebrate with him. 292 more words



One thing that I have found incredibly reassuring since T had his accident, is the kindness of people.

T has had visits from some of his friends and they haven’t just popped in for a few minutes and then gone off to do something more interesting; they’ve stayed and chatted with him or just sat in his room with him and watched YouTube videos and laughed. 741 more words

What to take in your Baby Bag/Toddler Bag...It's not quite as heavy as a piano

I have a back pack for all the stuff I need for both Mr 9 months and Miss 3 year old. I use a back pack because it leaves me with both hands free – to grab Miss 3 if she decides she wants to play with a bird on the road.  353 more words


The Stuff You Wish Someone Told You - Maybe they did and you weren't listening...

Ah Life…we are all in search of what the meaning of life is or are we? Some would argue that becoming a parent may shed some insight into the meaning of life in the way that we create life, nurture a life and hope that as a parent, we do not fuck up a life (yes I swear, but only in the presence of adults so if you’re offended, don’t read my blog). 665 more words