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Squishy Season

‘Tis the season of mud in Vermont. I once had a neighbor (now relocated back to an enormous city) who hated mud. Her daughter and my daughter were both little then, with rubber boots and pink raincoats decorated with kitties, and the girls adored splashing in March and April puddles, digging with sticks in the ditches along our roadsides, and baking mud cakes in kitchens they built with fallen branches, on carpeted floors of pine needles. 126 more words


One More Reason to Like Vermont

Vermont’s Congressional delegation came to our local high school yesterday, Hazen Union in Hardwick – Bernie Sanders with his mighty vehemence and voice, Leahy with his longevity, and Welch with his even-handed thoughtfulness. 135 more words


Ellie's first CINEMA experience

We’ve decided to finally bring Ellie to our movie date. This is her first time and I am so excited about two things 1) Ellie’s first movie 2) Beauty and the Beast Tags was teasing me the whole time that he is 100% sure that I’ll enjoy it more than Ellie. 413 more words


Table for one

There are some real bonuses to working from home, and I know I am lucky to be able to. I can get washing done, I am in for deliveries, I am around for the kids if they need me, I can attend daytime meetings at school, go for coffee or the odd cheeky lunch with friends, I can pop to the shop if I need to and pesky things like doctors appointments are easy to slot in. 1,274 more words

Love Poem

Driving to work yesterday, I listened to the radio, about Derek Walcott, this poet who found himself in the sea and in the light of this world. 163 more words


A Quick Trip to LaLaLand

When we had the opportunity to fly to LA for my college roommates wedding, there were just too many good reasons to say yes.  I know these trips home can be expensive and a hassle but I also knew that I would regret not going, so I booked 2 flights and took my boy home to meet some very special ladies, hang with his grandparents for a bit and have some good ‘ol mother/son adventuring! 242 more words


Hello Mr Delivery Man

Last week a white van man pulled up outside of my house with a very pretty delivery for me courtesy of Mr Freddie Garland.  Freddie’s Flowers… 207 more words