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First Month Back at Work Update 🤓💗

My first work back at work has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I went back to work full time to see how it went. Full time meant working 3 12 hour shifts or 2 12 hour shifts and 2 six hour shifts. 713 more words

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On the Footpath

Rain last night – cold rain in July. What about a sultry summer sunset?

At my parents’ urging, my 12-year-old and I watched Lion last night, and driving to work this morning I thought about how this is a story about home – about longing for home and what that means – a story that unfolds with secret after secret, all the way until the very last line. 196 more words



Momming. Yes, that is an actual word…in the social media realm. I really hope it gets added to Webster’s Dictionary, because let’s be real, #momming is real life stuff. 293 more words


A Mindful Saturday?

Well it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting at the dining room table.  The table has boxes, bags and even some cut down pipe on it.  Elise is sitting across from me with her note pad and a pencil writing me a story.   455 more words

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Memorable Days

27 years ago, my oldest nephew was born. I was visiting his great-grandparents on that day. I had recently entered that family, and I was on my very best, most sparkling, ready-to-please behavior. 169 more words


More Midsummer, Memories

In the crimson-hot July sultriness downtown yesterday, standing on a sidewalk, I flashbacked to what my parents used to call with enthusiasm “being on the road.” For years, we trekked from New Hampshire to humid Ohio to visit the anticipated happiness of cousins, and often far across the Mississippi, spending weeks in nylon tents and cooking canned corn over campfires. 193 more words


Midsummer Marveling

In these long July evenings, the children stay up late around the firepit, roasting ridiculously large marshmallows, burning the sugary outsides while the innards remain in their bizarre, uncooked marshmallow state. 124 more words