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"Think About It" Thursdays

“I’m not damaged, I’m just different.”

I use this phrase during presentations when trying to explain how living through an abusive marriage has changed me, inside and out. 807 more words


My Team > Yours

Please pass the cheese platter, ’cause I’m coming at ya with a whole lot of w(h)ine.

I am on the cusp of my senior year of college, and as much as I am being told my life is just beginning, it seems to feel more and more like a scene from Independence Day. 461 more words


Rainy Days, Shipwrecks, and Birthdays

Hey sisters,

It’s raining in Montana today. Well, in Helena at least. It’s a big state. Rainy days have this way of washing away all the extra gunk for me… and I hadn’t fully realized how much I was carrying until today’s rain helped clear some of it out. 192 more words


Discovering strength in shallow and intertwined roots

Trees seem to have taken over my writings these days. I can’t help it. For some reason, I’m seeing so many analogies and stories that relate and connect between the beautiful trees in God’s perfect nature and to my own life that I just have to share what I’m learning. 803 more words

re: mornings

So, Sara. A while back, you mentioned a need for a good morning playlist. Abby and I made you a thing! We’ve tested it out, and we think it’s going to work – by which we mean, it’s a totally random collection of things we like, things we think you’ll like, things we think your children will like, etc. 11 more words


Women are More

I think I hang out with a lot of misogynistic scum-faces. Really I think the world is full of misogynistic scum-faces because I’ve noticed time and again that women are ALWAYS characterized in comparison to men as less than. 453 more words


The Stolen but Redeemed Gift

My boys used to love the games at Chuck E. Cheese–heck, my husband still does! See, what they liked, beyond the fun and the challenge of the games themselves, was having the machines spit out tickets for how well they’d done on the game. 584 more words