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Mikado, Maltesers And Mum!

Morning my lovelies! Welcome to the delayed post about my mums 70th, delayed so the birthday girl didn’t see her cake before she got to eat it! 346 more words


Things I'll Want My Daughter to Know

Should I ever be lucky enough to have you, my sweet little girl, these are some things I want you to know.
You will be raised saying “yes ma’am” and “no sir.” You will chew with your mouth closed. 610 more words


Speaking Your Truth--Inside and Out

Ever wish your mouth would say what your head and heart were thinking? Maybe you’ve always said what you think and you’ve said what you feel. 561 more words

The Evolution of Dog Nicknames

Hey sisters,

First of all, both for our sake and the sake of the three people who may visit this site┬áregularly, I feel the need to share our “no judgies” policy. 323 more words


Not Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

But it’s MY neighborhood.

That’s right. Today, I’d like to address my community.

It’s not just ANY community.

It’s the community I am a part of because of something tragic in my life. 359 more words

Not Damaged; Just Different

“I’m not damaged, I’m just different.”

I use this phrase during presentations when trying to explain how living through an abusive marriage has changed me, inside and out. 868 more words