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Getting There In A Roundabout Way!

Good Morning Darceys Angels! there is a saying that man makes plans and God laughs, I had a plan to put a video of me painting on here, but it turned out a bit ….meh….and then I got involved with something that diverted my attention for a bit (more of that later) and…anyhoo this is how the week went. 368 more words

Introducing myself....

I am a 20-year-0ld newly-wed who is still trying to discover who she is, what her new-found role as a wife looks like, what part she plays in the world, and what exactly her destiny is.   689 more words


life on call


As you know, Phil is a veterinary technician. This career is another bullet point on his amazing and varied resume of metal fabricator, hog farm employee, summer camp maintenance guy, nonprofit assistant director, hardware store manager, community mental health mentor, special education paraprofessional, Lowe’s sales associate, baseball concessions hawker, and Indian Education tutor. 690 more words


Mikado, Maltesers And Mum!

Morning my lovelies! Welcome to the delayed post about my mums 70th, delayed so the birthday girl didn’t see her cake before she got to eat it! 346 more words


Things I'll Want My Daughter to Know

Should I ever be lucky enough to have you, my sweet little girl, these are some things I want you to know.
You will be raised saying “yes ma’am” and “no sir.” You will chew with your mouth closed. 610 more words


Speaking Your Truth--Inside and Out

Ever wish your mouth would say what your head and heart were thinking? Maybe you’ve always said what you think and you’ve said what you feel. 561 more words