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A Letter to the Senior Class and Soon to be Graduates: The Friends You Keep After High School

Dear Seniors,

You’ve made it! You’re preparing to walk across the stage and into a whole new world of freedom, responsibilities, new experiences, and endless opportunities! 1,632 more words


Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Annabel wants everyone to just listen. Notice the strain that modeling is taking on her family. Listen to her silent cries as she watches the very people she loves the most, crumble before her very eyes. 94 more words

Marriage: United We Conquer, Divided We Fall

May I interrupt your 25 Days of Christmas Compassion with a post on marriage? We’ve been talking about compassion moments for 5 days now, and I just feel like the one person who we should show the most compassion to is our spouse. 699 more words


On the 4th day of Christmas, the Hubs pulled out all the stops!

Hey there, friends! So this month, we are talking about Compassion, and here on the blog, I’m taking you through 25 Days of Compassion.

Just a recap… Day 1 involved a sweet co-worker lending a helping hand when mine were too full to function. 571 more words


Momma Knox Shout Out

Gahhhh, she’s a hugger…. Haha I’m totally not joking! Momma gots the feels and loves loving on us, as evidenced in the photo above <3  297 more words


How to Make Your Cup Runneth Over

My favorite movies of all time are from the Transformers trilogy. While the first one will always hold a special place in my heart, the third was also pretty phenomenal. 730 more words


It's Canadian Thanksgiving, Ya'll!

Good morning, Friends! One of the awesome benefits of being a misplaced American in a Canadian City is that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year! 30 more words