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My dead don’t haunt a place;

they haunt me.

And I don’t mean in the way,

like when they say,

“Oh, the memory of her haunts me so!” 125 more words


What Is Emotional Abuse?

Any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, infantilization or any other treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity or self-worth. Some examples are: yelling or swearing; name calling, insults or mocking; threats and intimidation; isolation; humiliation; denial of the abuse and blaming the victim. 6 more words

Domestic Violence

ManCrush May + Husband TakeOver 

It’s finally May, which means the Hubs is taking over the blog for the month! We’ve decided that all the April showers brought us ManCrush May flowers 🌺 That’s right, we are going to have a whole month of Husband Inspired posts. 121 more words


Similarities Between Dating and Gardening (Also so for the ladies)

We’ve all heard the expression

“the right place at the right time”

and it turns out that

there’s simply nothing simple about it.

all flower pics were taken in my neighborhood! 1,484 more words

To the Christian girl who feels all alone

I’m sure you would agree that lately, almost everyone you know is either getting engaged, married, or having a baby.  We are all at that age.  1,711 more words


The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face......

Hello cupcakes! Today’s post has only one photo, is unashamedly sentimental and maybe not your cup of tea. At this point I would normally tell you that your excused, but I really hope you stick around this week. 413 more words


My advice for newly-weds and those still “figuring it out.”

  1. Don’t keep secrets – always be honest!
    Many of you have probably heard the saying, “It is better to deliver a small lie than a painful truth.” No! 
  2. 1,939 more words