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Things I Want Him to Know, Wherever He Is

I gave God the pen to write my love story… I know God has made someone special for me and I trust that He will bring him to me at the right time. 302 more words


Marrying into an Amish familie

Okay, so now that we all have the same understanding of the Amish belief-system and way of life, let me continue with my story of how my husband’s family left the Amish ( 1,682 more words


What do the Amish believe and why?

Somehow, I seem to have forgotten to mention that my husband, Brian, was born into an  Amish family and was raised as such until he was six years old.   1,811 more words


What's your 'big yes'?

A few days ago, Brian and I celebrated our four-month anniversary.

As most newly-weds believe, we thought that we were invincible and that the stories we heard from “old married couples” would never apply to us:  we will never grow out of touch, we will never lose connection, we will never grow distant, we will always be in love, our passionate feelings for each other will never change, etc.   1,514 more words


I Am A Medical Student Who Saw A Psychologist For the Very First Time Today

By Anonymous MS2

I have always loved school, and some of my earliest and fondest memories are actually academic in nature. Even college coursework – although it often had me grumbling – was material that, each term, converted from stressful to exhilarating. 933 more words


Getting There In A Roundabout Way!

Good Morning Darceys Angels! there is a saying that man makes plans and God laughs, I had a plan to put a video of me painting on here, but it turned out a bit ….meh….and then I got involved with something that diverted my attention for a bit (more of that later) and…anyhoo this is how the week went. 368 more words

Introducing myself....

I am a 20-year-old newly-wed who is still trying to discover who she is, what her new-found role as a wife looks like, what part she plays in the world, and what exactly her destiny is.   689 more words