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To the Christian girl who feels all alone

I’m sure you would agree that lately, almost everyone you know is either getting engaged, married, or having a baby.  We are all at that age.  1,711 more words


The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face......

Hello cupcakes! Today’s post has only one photo, is unashamedly sentimental and maybe not your cup of tea. At this point I would normally tell you that your excused, but I really hope you stick around this week. 413 more words


My advice for newly-weds and those still “figuring it out.”

  1. Don’t keep secrets – always be honest!
    Many of you have probably heard the saying, “It is better to deliver a small lie than a painful truth.” No! 
  2. 1,939 more words

Love Is?

Morning petals! I was just packing away my Valentines card and it set me to thinking how lucky I was to have such a great gift from my husband. 320 more words


5 Things I Learned About Newlyweds and Finances

In these past 7 months as a young wife, I have discovered countless things and learned many lessons.  One of them is that you can learn a great deal about yourself by looking at how you handle finances.  1,598 more words


Young Women Who Want To Be Stay-At-Home Moms. Part I

Disclaimer/Trigger warning.

Yes, I a male speaking about this notion. This is an opinion article and to be honest I’m putting out there because I believe it is an unspoken idea in today’s world. 950 more words

Things I Want Him to Know, Wherever He Is

I gave God the pen to write my love story… I know God has made someone special for me and I trust that He will bring him to me at the right time.  297 more words