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All about Trikes...

Am jumping down on this ~ giggling and truly beside myself ~ KraftWork has the cutest, adorable item for Famished ~ seriously and will be available ONLY there till the event is over ~ oooh you wanna know what it is welp with the help of my wittle cuties Sariel we will show you… 368 more words


Hunger harbours its hold
like a boat
bent on the scent of the sea
and we are bound
to the pull of its freedom,
its current crushing all caution… 77 more words


Todays Cravings

Dedicated to Garfield the cat!

With other herbs, mixed half cup of chopped olives and crumbled frozen fresh spinach to the half sausage meat sauce, no other salt added.   72 more words



When hunger strikes
And Adrenaline hikes,
Its time to slow down
Let the temptation drown.

My poetic sensibility wishes to step out
With anger and hunger ready to shout, 24 more words


Hungry or very, very hungry?

My menu for today was – 2 croissants (chocolate-filled!) for breakfast, a banana for lunch and another banana during the afternoon break. If I was preparing my body for the summer season, trying to lose excess weight to look good as I parade along the sandy shoreline in swimming shorts, then that would have been enough for the day. 129 more words