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'famished' ..... found ONLY in the Old Testament (KJV)

. . . . . .
and their honourable men are famished,
and their multitude dried up with thirst. – Isa 5:13

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Yeah, what of it?

Those were the exact words I spoke to my assistant when, having stopped for lunch due to both of us being famished, she pointed out to me that the bottled beverage I was about to enjoy was “Just Water”. 94 more words

Poetry by Amy Sasser


Broken, beaten, bloodied, bruised
Memories abuse with tortures of you
Shattered, shaken, soul-suffused
Apparitions haunting all I do

Trapped, tormented, tattered, true
Seeking answers within the miscues… 232 more words


Birthday Po Boy Oh Boy

Yesterday was bAbY’s Birthday and I let him(ha) have a break from the kitchen and pulled out my fry skills for Spicy Ranch Shrimp Po Boys (for the adults-mini bAbY had regular ranch), scratch remoulade, and a salad.  54 more words

Noshes! Drool :)

Best Idea Ever!!

We switched our nightly DVD binge from The Wire to It’s Always Sunny/Good Times.  He’s loving Sunny!!  So last night Baby reads a partial headline about Rob McElhenney from… 199 more words


Food and Food

Food and Food

gulping all the way

week days burgers

week days buns

famished and all

sunday time

eating all the way

yummy food

tasty food

launching a food project soon

Famished and angry...just a little rant

You put up a mouth-watering signage,

With delectable looking dishes on display,

Advertising the best Seafood,

In the entire seven continents,

You cared not to up another one, 93 more words

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