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Boot Scootin"

I guess I am excited to have access to a computer again or just still floating from my recovery weekend with none other than…SISSY AND BUD-I can’t believe I sat down and double posted!  245 more words


Are you “Hangry?”

That’s a combination of hungry + angry.

And we’re more likely to feel angry when we’re hungry, like a cranky baby.

That’s because not eating for a while can cause levels of the happy hormone… 29 more words

Connie Sellecca


There comes a point in an Interns life, when he has to give up on his food. Not generally all foods but his favorite food. His one guilty pleasure. 1,074 more words

Have you ever felt ravenous even though you've just eaten?

It could be because of what you ate YESTERDAY. You know the feeling, you go to bed stuffed and wake up hungrier than ever. It’s NOT because your stomach has stretched out. 56 more words

Connie Sellecca

Famished: Buddha Bowls of Cost-Efficient Deliciousness

Readers! I come bearing excellent news. I have found a way of staying organized, become nourished, not go broke and have your mouth flooded with deliciousness. 325 more words


Don't call me Betty !!

No my name is jj . But seriously that is the name of the new group gift that is on offer from CHOP ZUEY. They are  celebrating five year in business and one of the most generous designers in sl. 165 more words