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Japan: Famitsu Is Teasing Ten New Reveals In Next Week's Issue

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has teased that it has ten new reveals to showcase in next week’s issue. They range from new unannounced games to sequels to much-loved franchises. 45 more words


Here's Some More Fire Emblem Warriors Details

Details for Fire Emblem Warriors are starting to pour out of the latest edition of Famitsu and the more we hear about the game, the more promising it sounds. 203 more words


Famitsu Confirms Male Corrin & Sakura As Playable Characters In Fire Emblem Warriors

A preview of the next issue of Famitsu has revealed that Male Corrin and Sakura will be appearing in Fire Emblem Warriors as playable characters. In the game, Male Corrin seems to side with Hoshido, while Female Corrin sides with Nohr. 27 more words

Metroid: Samus Returns For Nintendo 3DS Has Been Reviewed By Famitsu

The latest Famitsu review scores are in and there’s a game included this week that many of you are looking forward to, Metroid: Samus Returns… 40 more words


Famitsu Reveals Sakura And Male Corrin For Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is out towards the end of the year here in the west on both the New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, but unsurprisingly it’s launching earlier in Japan. 50 more words


Japan: Here's This Week's Most Wanted Nintendo Games By Famitsu Readers

Each week we discover which games Japanese consumers are looking forward to the most on Nintendo platforms, thanks to the readers of Famitsu. Dragon Quest XI has already been released, so now its time to let the other games shine. 84 more words


Japan: Weekly Famitsu Readers Reveal Their Favourite Games Of All-Time

It’s a difficult task to decide the best video games of all-time. UK publication EDGE recently published theirs and now Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu have published the readers favourite games of all time. 106 more words