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Strange Writing Habits of 10 Famous Authors

Do you have a writing ritual? I do. I write every day from eight until noon, and I must have coffee—not just any old coffee, but hot lattes in cold months and iced coffee in summer. 433 more words

“Buzz Off, Roald Dahl!” What You Don’t Know About Three Famous Children’s Book Authors

Ludwig Bemelmans shot and almost killed a waiter.
Ludwig Bemelmans, author/illustrator of the Madeline book series, failed in school and was so rebellious that his family kicked him out and sent him to work in hotels owned by his uncle in Italy.

520 more words

The Daily Routine of Famous People

I always say that having a passion (or two) helps you lead a fulfilling life. And when you are fulfilled, the legacy you leave behind can only uplift others. 36 more words

Famous Authors

Melville in Love: A Ruinous Endeavor


Melville in Love, written by Michael Shelden, is a reexamination of Herman Melville’s arduous struggle to write a bestselling novel—one which could restore his insufficient bank funds and enable him to remain in his beloved Berkshires. 444 more words

Book Review


Now who doesn’t love books? For me, books have always been the greatest piece of escape and I have learnt a great deal from them. Not to mention the new goals that are set in our lives with the reading of every other book. 797 more words

25 Interesting Facts about American Literature

Interesting trivia about American writers and their work

As it’s Independence Day, how about some facts about the great and the good from American literature, from Edgar Allan Poe to Toni Morrison? 535 more words


Romance Royalty

This week we were asked about really famous authors that we’ve met or heard. I suppose the list of really famous authors are going to be something different for each person, but since I read and write romance, most of my star-studded list includes those authors who have made a name for themselves in that genre. 672 more words