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The Need To Read (173)

Three William Shakespeare:
1. Romeo & Juliet.
2. Hamlet.
3. King Lear.
Much Ado About Nothing-

With many other plays and

poetry to ring.

The Need-To Read

Writers on Writing -- Ward Just

Ward Just: Sitting Down a Novelist, Getting Up a Playwright

For many years I have tried to find an agreeable distraction, something more sideline than hobby, some avocation that was not too difficult or tyrannical or long-term.

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On Writing

It Happened to Them...Why Not Me?

I apologize for not getting a post up at all last week. I was sick on Monday, and I just didn’t have a chance on Wednesday. 283 more words


Writers on Writing -- DIANE JOHNSON

Pesky Themes Will Emerge When You´re Not Looking

Must a novel have a theme? If so, who is in charge of it?

You can’t help but wonder if each writer has themes typical to him, if the themes are as particular to the writer as to the work.

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Writers on Writing -- GISH JEN

Inventing Life Steals Time; Living Life Begs It Back

Last year I almost quit writing. I almost quit even though I was working well, even though I remained fascinated by the process of writing — the endless surprise of the sentences, and the satisfaction of thoughts taking form.

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On Writing -- Writing for the Soul: 5 (Less Conventional) Tips

Writing for the Soul: 5 (Less Conventional) Tips

by Author Mary Weber

Mary offers some great tips in this article about how to get your groove back when writing and submitting become daunting tasks. 7 more words

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Writers on Writing -- MAUREEN HOWARD

The Enduring Commitment of a Faithful Storyteller

Not long ago I came upon a copy of the first and only story I ever published. It did not appear to be absolutely dreadful, but then I read only the first page.

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