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Six Famous Authors and Their Day Jobs

Have you ever wondered what jobs famous authors held before they became famous?

You might find it hard to believe (or maybe not, since he lived life wild and hard) that… 485 more words


Is rock bottom the only way to go?

Okay, I know the answer is no. But sometimes it seems like the majority of successful writers now and throughout history had to hit their own personal rock bottom before they could truly write what was in their heart. 637 more words


7 Authors Who Overcame Adversity

Earlier this week during a break from working on my third novel I took to thinking about famous authors who overcame adversity.  Why, I don’t know why.   608 more words


Rejection Stories are Fuel for Writers


I like to peruse sites like the one above when I’m feeling my writing will never amount to anything. While it’s true that I write because I enjoy writing, it is also true that I eventually want to be a published author. 525 more words


Be Hard My Heart: The Fountainhead As Guide-Book

When love goes wrong, it’s miserable. But when wrong love goes bad, it’s much worse. Harden your heart like granite and move on. Be cold as ice, if you must. 54 more words

Books Worth Knowing

The Mountain Castle

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

THERE stands on yonder high mountain
A castle built of yore,
Where once lurked horse and horseman
In rear of gate and of door. 318 more words