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The Ambiguity of Belated Book Sequels: Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman

When an author finishes a book or a series, I consider it done. I read the book(s) with the understanding that the story is complete. Even if I adore the narrative and characters, I don’t typically feel a burning desire for more. 265 more words


When Dedications Leave Something to Be Desired

How authors dedicate books tells us a lot about them as writers and as people. Often books are dedicated to children, loved ones, or dogs. On rarer occasions, however, authors use the dedication section of books to make a wry joke, sneer at someone who doubted them, or twist a knife. 577 more words



This once-tattered, dark and smoky West Village speakeasy had been a beloved haunt for poets, novelists, journalists and activists since it opened in 1922. Willa Cather, e.e. 279 more words

A Sound Like a Vast Breath (Happy Birthday Virginia Woolf!)

To celebrate Virginia Woolf’s birthday today, I thought I would write about something she and I both have a strong affinity for–the natural world. In 2014, I wrote my Master’s thesis on The Bloomsbury Group and their connection with nature, more specifically the important role that nature played in their art and literature. 852 more words


Tell Again Tuesday Rejections Famous Authors

Tell Again Tuesday

A blog series where we shamelessly share posts from others that we have enjoyed.

Been thinking about…Rejections

by summersrye
Lately I have had rejections on my mind. 48 more words