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Yes, More Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is going to have a big year.

I feel confident that I am not alone in thinking this. While her 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale is experiencing a revival thanks to our political climate and a Hulu television series, Atwood is also busy with lots of other projects. 713 more words

A Map of Literature around the World

It is easy to get stuck inside our own reading bubbles, so I was excited to find this map of literature around the world. For the zoomable version of the map, … 141 more words


And Then They Murdered Jane Austen

When I say that they murdered Jane Austen, I’m not speaking metaphorically. Some person in the distant past didn’t simply eviscerate her work. No, I mean that a few scholars believe that someone poisoned Jane Austen. 135 more words


The Ambiguity of Belated Book Sequels: Neil Gaiman and Philip Pullman

When an author finishes a book or a series, I consider it done. I read the book(s) with the understanding that the story is complete. Even if I adore the narrative and characters, I don’t typically feel a burning desire for more. 265 more words


When Dedications Leave Something to Be Desired

How authors dedicate books tells us a lot about them as writers and as people. Often books are dedicated to children, loved ones, or dogs. On rarer occasions, however, authors use the dedication section of books to make a wry joke, sneer at someone who doubted them, or twist a knife. 577 more words