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Histories of (Famous Five) Reading

My academic work falls into the disciplinary fields of publishing studies and history of the book (you can find more about my research here). One of the sub-fields of the history of the book is the history of reading, the area that – as book historian Robert Darnton put it – ‘remains the most difficult stage to study in the circuit that books follow’ (from ‘What is the History of Books?’). 405 more words

Item of the day: Five Go Parenting from Waterstones

Have you seen the new series of Enid Blyton spoofs? I’ve gotta read Five Go Parenting – it looks hilarious and perfect for a bookworm raised on Blyton. It’s £5.99 from Waterstones.


Filling the Hauntologist’s stocking

People often seem to reminisce on the endless summers of youth, or hark back to long cold winters of the past, but there’s little rumination on enduring autumns.  1,695 more words


My November Books

In an unprecedented move I’m actually early with this month’s post rather than late. November has not been the greatest. I had a heavy cold when it started, and the cold became sinusitis and a chest infection, then the chest infection became suspected pneumonia, a diagnosis downgraded to bronchitis only after spending six hours having all sorts of fairly unpleasant tests in hospital. 874 more words


Famous Five 70s Style: Five Go Down to the Sea part 2

If you missed the first part of Five Go Down to the Sea, you can find it here, and catch up with my thoughts on the adaptation before reading this second part. 1,082 more words

Written By PippaStef

The Famous Five Party Game as played by Fiona

First up: I didn’t throw a party to play this game. It’s really not that sort of game in fact! I bought it mostly because I just love Eileen Soper’s work, and because it wasn’t too expensive. 782 more words

Written By Fiona

Halloween Tricks in St Andrews part two

Anatoly and David turned quickly on their heels, though they knew what it would be. “That would the ghost then!” David said, pretending to swallow and take a step forward towards it. 8,621 more words

Written By Fiona