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[FanAcc] First time meet GOT7 at Incheon Airport

April 24, 2015

Singkat cerita, gw memang mengikuti mereka dari sebelum mereka debut, di acara win itu lah mulai gw mengamati trainee2 calon idol JYPE ini. 1,021 more words


[FAN-ACCOUNT] K-Blackjacks and Fans that went to Dara's Talking Street ~ "her words were full of care when talking about 2NE1"

by @tpvlxdk

A Fan-account after seeing Dara on AOS! Forst, I heard that she’s pretty but seeing her in person, she really is super pretty Seo Janghoon also cam so it seemed as if (Dara) is an ant.

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[FWD PHOTOS] 161212 - Smiling Dara at NAIA Terminal 1 going home to Korea ~

She’s soo cute! >.<
We were waiting for her for 2 hours at the airport just to give her some foods and letters from We Love Dara, Parkers and some Daralings, and everything is worth it when we saw Jjangmae getting down at the car and getting their luggage ~ <3… 214 more words


[FAN ACC] Seventeen Shining Diamonds in Singapore 2016

It has been a week since Seventeen has left and I don’t think I have ever gotten over the post concert depression yet. Right now all I want to do is just fly to Korea and spend my entire lifetime with them. 807 more words


[Fanacc] 140621 The Passion tại Nagoya

Nhân chuyện rất nhiều Kpop fan ấn tượng với màn vừa chạy vừa hát của Hongki tại Kcon Paris đầu tháng 6 vừa qua, có một đoạn fanacc cách đây 2 năm thế này: 158 more words

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