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180422 NCT 2018 Gwangjang-dong Fansign Fan Account

It’s been a long while since I posted. I have my reasons. The promotions for Empathy are over. My luck for these promotions were strange. I got into the showcase and the first hi touch but not for the first two fansigns I tried for. 2,328 more words



Fan accounts on social media are not an uncommon occurrence. If you’re an artist, actor, celebrity or public figure, one of the main reasons you stay relevant are your fans; without having people who admire, appreciate and support your work, these days you’ll basically be deemed meaningless and unsuccessful. 577 more words

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180324 Coal Briquette Event Account + 180315 Gimpo Airport

I’ve been wanting to do a write up since I came back home but it’s taken me awhile. I won’t go into details but there were lots of obstacles in seeing Dongwookie this time round in Korea since I was there for something else but it all worked out in the end. 2,032 more words


Don't you know I'm a

After having my weekends literally free since September, I found myself once again with a booked weekend. Why? NCT started their promotions. This year, NCT will be promoting with 18 members. 904 more words


[FANACC] First Good Day fansign experience + How to get in.

This is clearly long overdue but nevertheless, if you’re reading this I hope you’ll enjoy my personal experience for Good Day’s very first fansign event! 1,791 more words

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Off-Sick Days 1 and 2

Alternative title: Taemin’s first solo concert, but the encore of it.

Originally, I was not going to go to Taemin’s solo concert. I had already missed the concerts that happened in August for various reasons (mainly money and NCT Dream having promotions) and when the Encore tickets went on sale, I was busy that day. 941 more words

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