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150418 MBC 'Music Core' Recording with M&D [Fan Account]

Did 3 takes for M&D today :) Heenim/Jungmo were super cuteeee T_T

Heenim did the heart with his fingers again near the end of each take ㅎㅎㅎ

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150417 Heechul and Leeteuk at KBS Music Bank Recording [Fan Account]

M&D support banners! :)

leeteuk came to watch the recordings!!! ♡♡♡ he was already wearing his MCing clothes and his hair is 5:5 again -.-

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150407 Donghae at Grill 5 Taco [Fan Account + 1P]

Donghae caME GRILL5

Donghae came to talk to donghwa for awhile and left lol

They looked like they were in a serious discussion so we didn’t go over to get a signature…

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150319 Super Junior D&E at Mnet M! Countdown Recording [Fan Account]

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Gosh this record was so short…

I was facing where eunhae was watching their rehearsal so I could see donghae pretty well…

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