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160524 f(Sulli) = With a Fan in Italy + Fan Account

Ho abbracciato Sulli tre volte TRE STO TREMANDO CIFNDM le mani mi odorano di lei STO PAINEGNDO COME LA PAZZA AIUTO pic.twitter.com/miCf4taXcH

— HO ABBRACCIATO SULLI (@LululalaTaemin) …

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 160404 f(Luna) = At Block B's Concert

160404 Luna at Block B's concert cr jungyotu (as requested by @MoodyLooney) pic.twitter.com/xZU5Q6popN

— 미유⚡️ (@hamsoonie) April 6, 2016


[FAN ACCOUNT] 160308 f(Luna) = Choi Hyukjin’s Stage Story - Talking About f(x)

interview partial tr 1
thanks to @alonealone0918 for uploading! original link https://t.co/srGexnisSX pic.twitter.com/IgVwg9teBX

— amberisbae (@amberliuforever) March 8, 2016

interview partial tr 2
thanks to…

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[FAN ACCOUNTS] 160228 f(x) = DIMENSION 4 - Docking Station in Nagoya

The fan talked about how she was seated in front of the section for disabled… https://t.co/LAnjEpHl8v

— keihissi (@keihissi) February 28, 2016

During Victoria and Krystal's MC, Victoria asked the lights to be turned down a… …

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[FAN ACCOUNTS] 160226 f(x) = DIMENSION 4 - Docking Station in Osaka Day 2

While talking about their recent activities, Victoria was always paying close… https://t.co/cQlcTfoDQw

— keihissi (@keihissi) February 26, 2016

They gave away Winnie the Pooh marshmallows at the concert today…

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[FAN ACCOUNTS] 160225 f(x) = DIMENSION 4 - Docking Station in Osaka Day 1

LunBer tried to scare VicKrys after they change but got busted after the fans scream

— buuu (@eggzsloth) February 25, 2016

and pretended to leave the stage because they are sad (fans busted their plan) …

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[FAN ACCOUNTS] 160223 f(x) = DIMENSION 4 - Docking Station in Fukoka

16022 Krystal was sitting on her feet picking ut the slogan at DJ. Amber jokingly pushed her and she lost her balance. #Dimension4inFukuoka

— 160131 f(x) 미유~~ (@s9my) …

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