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150319 Super Junior D&E at Mnet M! Countdown Recording [Fan Account]

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Gosh this record was so short…

I was facing where eunhae was watching their rehearsal so I could see donghae pretty well…

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150317 Kyuhyun at MOM House [Fan Account+1P]

150317 Fanaccount of kyuhyun at momhouse : I went for a walk around myeongdong and when i came back i saw his parents..and his dad came out to greet us at the lift and i tried to ask for a pic with his dad but suddenly he pointed inside and said “kyuhyun” and i was like “KYUHYUN?!” I went inside the cafe and there he was signing for some fans at the counter..apparently he came to buy a coffee..i freaked out and when i managed to remember to get a sign or take photos of him he already wanted to leave..so i just called his name several times and he turned back and faced us while covering his face with his hand because no make up lol…he went up with the elevator first tho maybe collecting the fans letters then after a few mins of waiting for him from inside the cafe suddenly his mum told us he’s already at the exit door…again i didnt manage to take photos =,= and then we just said bye to him while he was reversing his audi with his window down…and then he left.

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150316 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

150316 Mobit – I don’t really have a fan account because I was freaking out and I tried to act cool but my hands kept shaking.

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150308 Donghae and Eunhyuk at SBS 'Inkigayo' Recording [Fan Account]

Hyuk: “you guys only skip meals on pre-recordings right? Usually eat… a lot?”

Hyuk started saying oioiioioiii (that donghae mocking sound-_-) and everyone started following him haha we had a weird conversation ._.

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