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What if Elsa was from some other country? 24 Hetalia variations of the Frozen queen

The Frozen craze might have died down a little over the past couple of months as Baymax stood under the spotlight for a while, but then came the live-action… 504 more words


Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell

Game of Thrones starts in just a couple weeks! Here is a watercolor demo I did of Olenna Tyrell, one of my favorite characters played by the amazing Diana Rigg.

Fan Art

Jurassic World

I made a coloring page inspired by the upcoming Jurassic World because…why not. Feel free to color it. It’s really fun!

Fan Art

Sailor Mars.

“Justo al verte llegar, centellear.
Brillar hasta arder. “


Khaos D.Ree

At first I simply wanted to draw a sexy lady-rapper (which I personally think is a very attractive concept by itself), but then I remembered how much “rapper” sounds like “raptor”, as in the vernacular name for the Dromaeosauridae (Velociraptor, Deinonychus, and all those other feathered dinosaurs with big sickle-claws on their feet). 58 more words


Klaus Mikaelson

“A tortured soul in every sense,

With a past as aged as the earth itself,

His heart’s desire spares no expense.

He’s bad, but good, in his defense. 202 more words