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I Swore I Would Never Share This

But now it is framed and on the living room wall, taking pride of place in the main room of the house…well…I’m just full to bursting with pride and gratitude. 31 more words

Simple Minds


The Fox from The Little Prince #watercolour #watercolor #fox #thelittleprince #netflix #art #fanart #bowling #bowlingball

After A Break, I Tried Again

I really wanted to do something with the screen shots of Jim from the PYAM video and the last time I tried, it looked great digitally, but didn’t render well once printed. 48 more words

Simple Minds

Guess where POP!Thorin is spending the winter?

This blogger sews and knits clothing for herself, inspired by her fandom interests. Scroll down here to see our friend. Also, although it’s a German blog, you can comment in English.

Richard Armitage

Jadewolf Titan

A fun little image I did to celebrate all the fun my wife and I have had playing Destiny together.  She is a real bad@$$ in that game!

Joshua Keyes