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ART CORNER: Portraits of MonstaX

He hooo lovely Monbebes! Welcome back to our monthly “FAN CORNER”. Today our theme is “Portraits of MonstaX”. Of course every artist has his/her own style of drawing so please keep that in mind. 427 more words


Not Pokémon, again

I am caught doodling Pokémon. Again. This time, for a friend’s birthday party.

Above: This is what they call an “Alolan Vulpix”. Yeah, I’m confused. (By the way, the name “Ana” is a placeholder name) 36 more words

Digital Art

New Nightmare Freddy Krueger

I know Wes Craven said he wished he hadn’t changed Freddy’s design for New Nightmare, but man, I love that design. Id have fathered the glove instead of claws coming from his fingers, but I loved his design otherwise.


I feel like this week took forever. But yay it’s finally Friday!! This Fan Art Friday is another cool artist from Instagram.

here is @artsy.ham with this cool sketchwork. 116 more words


AFAF: Couples

With Wednesday being Valentine’s day it just made sense that this week’s Anime Fan Art Friday theme should be anime couples. Whether they are official couples or just ‘ships’ and no matter the genre, they were all welcome. 159 more words