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Amethyst Heartstone WIP Painting

Starting on a new painting for a friend of mine, Uhh-Mandaa, on my Deviantart site.

The request was to paint her OC (Original Character), Amethyst Heartstone.  171 more words

Digital Art

[Fan made] Animation : Jojo's Bizarre Advanture - Diamond is Unbreakable -drama CD part 1 : A Ghost Story in Budogaoka Highschool.

Before I enrolled at the University of Portsmouth, I decided to train myself in working on an animation of my favorite anime series : Jojo’s bizarre advanture. 44 more words

Fan Art

Lunar Chronicles Character Art Reveal!

Greetings readers!

The time has come to do another fanart character reveal that I created for my favourite YA series ever!

Last time, I showed off my first piece of Cinder! 338 more words

Young Adult

Desty Nova

Desty Nova was one of my favorite parts from Battle Angel Alita/Gunnm. As a character, he was simultaneously hilariously evil and utterly terrifying.


Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil Fan Art

I love the show, “Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil”, and I ship Starco (Star and Marco) a lot, so I decided to draw what I think their future children would look like. 19 more words

Fan Art Friday - Picture perfect paintings with Lizzie

This weeks fan art is spooky but really nice, artist Lizzie who creates incredible paintings of not just  Sharon Needles but breath taking portraits. The splendid work created by Lizzie has even found its way into Sharon’s home sealing the mark of approval. 459 more words

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