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DAY 19

So until today, all my uploads have been done by hand “with a few getting some digital refinement”

So today the word was ‘cloud’ so how could I not draw cloud looking up at some clouds!


Digital Art - Midnight Menagerie

If you didn’t read Midnight Menagerie before, this fan art looks like “A DnD campaign with a Vampire and Rouge”, according to a friend of mine! 98 more words

Art Work

Chrono Trigger: The Time Egg

OLD MAN: So that’s your story… And just LOOK at you now… You’ve become quite formidable!

Magus: Heh?…

OLD MAN: The Guru of Time, eh…? Heard of him, of course, but what do you want with him? 211 more words


SOMEbody~~ HELL-P!!!!!! XO

I started this sometime in November 2016….. (please refer to https://melisaongmiqin.wordpress.com/2016/11/22/whats-in-a-name-blood-sweat-flipped-tables-and-a-screaming-melisa/ )

I “completed” (or THOUGHT I did) inking in March 2017…..

THEN WHAT IN THE MEOW DID I DO THIS FORRRRRR~~~!!!!!!!???????? 132 more words


BTS (방탄소년단)  meets INKTOBER 2017

BTS JIMIN (Park Jimin)
Inktober No. 5 LONG: There are beauty and DANGER on these long stemmed bloody roses, but I’ll pick them all, FOR YOU.


Cuphead - Fan Art Friday

Here’s the video of Cuphead for #FanArtFriday