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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Fan Remake

One of the most known and famous scenes in the Legend of Zelda was during Ocarina of Time when Link pulled the master sword from it’s pedastal in the Temple of Time. 59 more words


Gnome ancestry for Shadow of the Demon Lord


A hundred years ago, the Faerie Queen stripped the Gnomes of their Faerie talents and banished them, for a crime everybody remembers. Their incessant tinkering with technology and technomancy was all fine and good, up until the tar-powered steam engine started dragging itself through the landscape on iron rails. 1,177 more words


Forever in a panic

I am a huge Doctor Who fan, so when the Doctor said that we have such short life spans and should be forever in a panic, I felt the need to do something creative with that…. 50 more words


All Hail the Bronies

The phenomenon that is Brony subculture is one of the funniest things to hear about – until these men explain themselves. With reason and passion behind the fandom, bronies have a chance at becoming less misunderstood. 518 more words

Watch this magical Disney and Pixar video!

We are so fortunate to have perhaps the most talented YA/fantasy YouTube artist (Paris Ormerod) working with us, and we’re absolutely delighted to present her latest gem of a video: 42 more words


Fanmade Animated Theme for Star Trek: The Original Series

Check out this great animated take on the TOS Theme created by The Quintek Group! Can you find the Easter Eggs that pay tribute to the series within the animation? 56 more words

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