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Harry potter is trans-what part II

sorry for the long wait

So… a week turned into a month. And a month turned into … well, more time. But her it is (finally) the promised part 2 of the Harry Potter transmedia posts. 983 more words

Harry Potter

'What the Devil Is Going On Heeeree?': A look at 'A Very Potter Musical'

Have you ever wondered which awkward situations Quirrell and Voldemort got into the year the latter lived on the back of the formers head? Have you ever wondered whether there’s a wizarding school on Mars? 953 more words

Harry Potter

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Fan Remake

One of the most known and famous scenes in the Legend of Zelda was during Ocarina of Time when Link pulled the master sword from it’s pedastal in the Temple of Time. 59 more words


Gnome ancestry for Shadow of the Demon Lord


A hundred years ago, the Faerie Queen stripped the Gnomes of their Faerie talents and banished them, for a crime everybody remembers. Their incessant tinkering with technology and technomancy was all fine and good, up until the tar-powered steam engine started dragging itself through the landscape on iron rails. 1,177 more words