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The Problems, Reactions, and Responses.

Self-indulgent fan works and creating things to please others is enjoyable in their own right, however, sharing them is sometimes an issue. Copyright has been and is still a major issue concerning fan creations as they are based on someone else’s work, so therefore, we as fans cannot take credit for the creation of the characters or the universe because they’re not ours to claim. 408 more words

Fanfiction and Fan-Facts.

“…any reader can become a writer…” ~ Levison

One way in which fans as a fandom create more content to keep the original work’s universe ongoing is through fanfiction – fiction written by fans.Any person who consumes the original media, be it a book or comic or a movie or television show, can write something regarding it; this also encourages literacy and creativity in the digital age.Fanfiction allows fans to alter the original content or add to the canon plot once it is finished, adding characters or changing them in some way to represent themselves or others, or we may change some plot points within the content.Harry Potter fanfiction is wide and varied, so, is known to do both of these things.One of the most ‘kudos’-ed (liked) fanfiction on the site Archive of Our Own within the Harry Potter fandom is “Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain” with 20,405 kudos’ and 441 comments; this fanfiction changes Rowling’s universe in that her main character Harry Potter dates the anti-hero Draco Malfoy.Many of these fanfictions exist in that fans mix and match which characters are romantically and/or sexually involved but were not in the canon whether it’s for entertainment or representation purposes. 758 more words

Fans Finish 'Finished' Works?

“ react to works that are “finished” in the sense that they are fully produced, yet fans are not “finished” with those materials and want to deploy them to express their own ideas.” ~ Jenkins. 908 more words

What You Own

I think fandom gets mixed up into a thing where we want — or rather, demand — a thing be to our liking. Cooked and prepared in a way that we have already imagined it in our mind — we have pre-written the menu and expect a pop culture narrative to serve us our prix fixe dinner.

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Steph Rambles About Fandoms

Something New

Much longer ago than I would care to admit to myself, my friend and fellow Blizzard-enthusiast, recommended some of the Warcraft novels to me. She chose a trio that, she felt, would pair nicely with the Warcraft movie that I really enjoyed. 1,061 more words