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On One Direction, Zayn, and the Radical Act of Liking Things

I became a 1D fan later on in the game, just a couple weeks after the release of their first album. A little over 3 years ago, … 904 more words


Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging program to bring you this special message from Grey Havens YA Co-Director Kelly Cowling.

Star Trek was my first fandom. 846 more words


What is an author, what is an audience, and can they be one and the same?

Our third week of LAPIS continued to explore the wide-ranging philosophical concepts of authorship, and the socio-cultural effects of how these concepts have changed over time. 874 more words

Information Society

Doodles from the Grey Havens!

See some quick and beautiful artwork from members of Grey Havens YA and the Grey Havens Group. There is more to come both on this blog and at the art show at the… 20 more words


Grey Havens YA Welcomes our First Guest Speaker

Did you know that one of Dr. Watson’s Neglected Patients joined us around the Grey Havens YA table last week? That’s right, Dr. Elisha Conant shared her Sherlockian expertise as she led us in a discussion of “The Speckled Band.” 233 more words


MEGA. Found musical treasures: Pop music revolves around Johnny Marr: it's official!

After the sudden end of The Smiths, and the equally abrupt out-of-the-box launch of Morrissey’s solo release (a head-spinning 5 months after the break up), fans who could not possibly be expected to choose to go with either Mom or Dad waited on the fence to see where Johnny Marr would end up. 676 more words