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Celebrity of The Week: Jamie Campbell Bower

“He’s gorgeous, plays guitar, and has the voice of an angel – what’s not to love,” these are the words several bloggers clamored to the keyboards to post on Tumblr, describing the allure of Jamie Campbell Bower.Bower, at least in the eyes of mainstream society, is still largely considered an unknown actor. 2,324 more words


Nerd Rock: Pink Floyd

Círdan’s note: A few weeks ago, we asked our young adults if they had any topics or questions they wanted to address in a student-led discussion. 1,122 more words


Drag queens cultivating a younger fan base

By Jose Gutierrez

It’s nearly midnight on a Sunday evening in a dimly lit parking lot in North Park. RuPaul’s Battle of the Stars Tour has just finished its San Diego tour date at The Observatory, a venue larger in capacity than the House of Blues where the same event was held a year earlier. 1,069 more words

San Diego

Television Special Post: Game Of Thrones

Hello Fellow Fans,

You probably noticed that there was a missing post for Television Thursday; that’s because I am doing a special two discussion, exploring the HBO sensation, … 1,601 more words


Opinion is Free: Why 77% of all Rat Boy fans are bona fide wronguns

N.B. Whilst this article is directly attacking Rat Boy’s fans with no shame whatsoever, it must be noted that Rat Boy as a musician is actually quite admirable. 758 more words


Fandom Tuesday: Vidding

Greetings Fans,

For fandom Tuesday, I want to explore my favorite type of fan practice: vidding as such this post will include several fan vids. Throughout my late teens and early 20s, I have spent many nights browsing Youtube, watching all types of fan vids. 1,085 more words


Fandom Tuesday: TVD Fan Culture at a Glance

Greeting fans,

It’s time for fandom Tuesday! Today I will be conducting an analysis of the The Vampire Diaries online fandom. I’ve been a casual viewer of the show, but I stopped watching somewhere along season 4 (I know, I really need to catch-up); as such this discussion will only include mild spoilers from the first three seasons. 1,764 more words