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The price of away support

Although regularly branded as a footballing backwater by those down south, Scotland actually has one of the best supported leagues in world football, both home and away. 478 more words

Fan Culture

The Scottish Ultra Scene

Ultras – a group of football fans characterised by their fanatical support of a team, showing their passion with the use of banners, flares and constant vocal support. 848 more words

Fan Culture

Safe-standing is a forward's step for football

Since the Hillsborough disaster, legislation has been set that requires all clubs playing in the English Premier and League and Championship to have all-seater stadiums. However, for almost a decade, clubs have had safe-standing in Germany and most recently Celtic have introduced it into their stadium. 1,097 more words

Fan Culture

12th Man Apparel

Your first football kit a pivotal moment in any Childhood, can you remember yours? Mine was Brazils 2002 world cup winning kit, immortalised by Ronaldo. For generations, football kits have defined the first steps of football fans. 495 more words

"No can do, Sugarcube"

 The Rise of the Brony

When My Little Pony resurged in 2010 with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I don’t think the creators could have imagined it’s success, especially not amongst 18-25 year old men. 624 more words

Local Elevens - Stewarton United

It is easy to get carried away when you are younger, dreaming about scoring in the World Cup, captaining your club and country leaving behind a legacy for yourself at the end of your footballing career. 599 more words

Footballing Friends - Kilmarnock & Kaiserslautern

 Scottish football isn’t short of passionate fans, with many Old Firm fans fuelled with hatred for their city rivals, it’s not hard to get caught up in the rivalries that Scottish football has on offer. 814 more words