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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Three Seasons In

As the fourth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. officially kicks off tonight, I figure it’s timely for me to give voice to the things I love–and don’t really love so much–about this show.   1,285 more words

Marvel Cinematic Universe

ME & KHH : Fans And Their Stories

Recently, we held an album giveaway contest and the prizes are copies of an album from Nucksal, Giriboy and Dean. Part of their prize is being featured in the blog with their stories or artworks involving KHOP or the scene itself. 237 more words


Tony's Lists: Things I Finally Got Around to Trying That Made Me Think, "What Took Me So Long?!"

Between the hectic hum-drum that tends to run most of our lives, people are often very careful about what they decide to check out on a friend’s recommendation.   815 more words

Fan Culture

Love Stories: Randor and Marlena

I want to reshare these amazing tributes to the two people whose love story has held my imagination for close to thirty years.  I felt like sharing them today would be appropriate.   33 more words


Why the Zendaya Spider-Man Movie Controversy Isn't a Big Deal to Me... and Shouldn't Be to You

It seems there’s been a slow-burning uproar the last few days, since The Wrap posted an article leaking the alleged “real” role that young actress Zendaya has been cast for the upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming.   623 more words


Nine Worlds round up

Logo by Andrew O. Ellis

I spent 12th-14th August at Nine Worlds geekfest. Mostly, it was a delight, although I did witness a couple of things that alarmed me a little, which I will explore further below. 760 more words

Fandoms: Learn to Play In the Sandbox Together, or Get the Hell Out

Don’t expect to insult my fandom to promote yours and expect we’ll be friends for very long.

There.  I needed to say that, and get the venom out. 716 more words