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The rise of the Naoko Yamada fanboys

Over the last year, perhaps even more so than the hype and acclaim surrounding Makoto Shinkai in the mainstream press, I’ve noticed an irrespesible degree of coverage around Kyoto Animation director Naoko Yamada. 271 more words


Resolving the Study of Geek, or What to Do When You Become “That Brony Researcher”

By Steven Dashiell

One lesson they teach in a PhD program: think strategically. In most of undergrad (and even masters-level) work, the objective of the student is to “complete the task”. 1,946 more words


A little list

Hello stranger,

To give you a better understanding of the topics that I will be writing about on this blog, I decided that it was just fair that I would write a small list and a little explanation of why these topics fascinate me. 273 more words


[ PROMOTE ] South Korea DJs Fanpage

More than just hiphop and underground DJs that are receiving much attention roght now, I have been giving much appreciation to EDM and club DJs as well. 160 more words


Fangirl Nation and Amanda.Actually: A Match in Fan Heaven

I am so proud to announce that I am working with Fangirl Nation! They’re an amazing publication of very talented female fans and I’m so lucky to be a part of this group. 60 more words


"My Anime Weekend" (originally at Medium.com)

(This was originally published at Medium.com on August 27th, 2016)

Summer is winding down, and with it comes the end of beach weather, vacation, and of course for those of us who threw ourselves into the ocean that is nerd subcultures, the latter third of con season. 2,010 more words