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Fandom authenticity and identity. Or: which Conan t-shirt could I get?

People of Earth. I have a minor cultural dilemma, which on the face of it is fairly straightforward. Which Conan O’Brien t-shirt should I buy? 740 more words

Brands And Branding

Fandom Friday: 5 Famous Geeks I Admire

See? Celebrities are just like us, they harbor powerful emotional connections to fictional characters like everybody else. 565 more words


No, I haven't seen [popular piece of nerd media] and I don't intend to...

I don’t get the point of many nerd fave franchises.

The first time I watched a Star Wars film, I was fifteen. The first time I cared about Star Trek was maybe when the first new movie came out. 366 more words


The BBC Owes the World

The BBC has done a lot to gain world wide popularity over the years, but decades work could soon be squashed. 1,053 more words

Doctor Who

Things To-Do While Waiting for Oppa to Be Discharged from Military Service

I have experienced sending off my friends who enlist for the mandatory military service in Korea and I’ve also experience waiting for them to be discharged. 411 more words


Fandom Friday: 5 (Animated) Pet's I'd like to Adopt

While making this list I realized one thing. You can never have enough cats in fandom. 602 more words


Shane Dawson, your content is Not Cool

TW: This post contains mentions of rape, racism and sexism.

Let me first start this post by saying I have nothing against Shane Dawson as a person.  1,558 more words

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