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Stranger Things Fan-Fic - Edited

Detective Steele walked through the building, ignoring the cries of the mad that rang throughout the Asylum he walked through.

Reaching the end of the hallway, he pulled out his badge at a worker in the building, who backed away. 762 more words



The scene is in the middle of the sidewalk with both sides busy A-road and people continuously passing them.

Naruto: My apologies Mr. Uchiha. The train got stuck due to some improper maintenance. 431 more words



Over the phone, Sasuke an infamous writer yells on other person.

Sasuke : No, I won’t go. Who gave you the
permission to allow it? 233 more words


An Unexpected Encounter

Synopsis : Done things in a wrong way but can’t make it right and our wrongdoings surfaced again.

Then what should they do when one of them have done wrong but regretting and other is in turmoil whether he takes revenge or should let go. 79 more words


Earp Fiction Addiction

Hello again gentle readers! It’s Christine here yet again with yet another podcast interview! You all know how much we LOVE fanfic (you don’t know that? 1,164 more words

Wynonna Earp

20 Years Later: Part Four

While his family was at dinner, Jace sat in a BMW in the parking lot of Cedars-Sinai, his long legs in black leather pants crossed like matchsticks against the dashboard. 1,396 more words

Reality Tv

20 Years Later: Part Three

Despite a busy career, three sons, and a loving husband, Brittany still managed to set out a nice dinner every night. Tonight it was fried chicken and mac & cheese, two platters from her frozen food line, Fixinz. 1,374 more words

Reality Tv