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Film Friday: The Demon in the Dark

Directed by Leia Clouston and written by Matt Clouston comes a fan made Batman film that is more of a DC Comics fan film.  Demon in the Dark is a fun film, which is packed with many characters and Easter eggs through the 16min run time. 65 more words


Drusilla, the slave girl of Proconsul Claudius Marcus, is the only cross-over character in Star Trek: Progeny. A stunning beauty, it’s easy to see why she was selected to entertain the visiting Starfleet crew. 275 more words

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Film Friday: #Batman Vs. The Ripper

Written & Directed by James Campbell we dive into the 1800’s where we meet the victorian Batman who faces off against a killer who walks the streets of London known as Jack The Ripper. 111 more words

Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Gets Lawyers

December ended and January kicked off with the news that CBS Studios, Inc. and Paramount Pictures Corporation were suing Axanar Productions and Alec Peters for copyright infringement regarding a… 192 more words


Film Friday: "Kara" | (2016) (An Unofficial Star Wars Film)

Kara is a short fan film set in the Star Wars universe. Produced by Whitelist Production (whitelist.tv). Written and Directed by: Joe Sill and stars Andra Nechita, Peter Arpesella, Daniela Flynn. 34 more words

Your Star Wars Fan Film For The Day: Kara

Fans of Star Wars, Jedi, strong female characters and impressively made fan films should check out Kara after the break.

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Truly Outrageous! A Jem and the Holograms Fan Film

Hi, my name is Gwen and I am a HUGE HUUUUUUUUUUGE (outrageously huge, if you will) fan of Jem and the Holograms.

Jem and the Holograms was out before I was born, but that didn’t stop me from figuring out this amazing world of glamour, glitter, fashion and fame existed for me to watch and fall in love with. 746 more words