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Krueger: Legend of Elm Street review

By Paul Downey

In what is Chris R. Notarile’s 5th Elm Street short, we’re finally getting towards the territory of the original film.

We start as Krueger is released from police custody without charge, and is left to terrorise the children of Elm Street once again. 241 more words

The Experiment with Identities

By Koral Dasgupta

You are standing in front of the mirror. The camera approaches you from behind in slow motion, capturing you and your mirror image on the same frame. 744 more words

Shah Rukh Khan

The Confession of Fred Krueger review

By Paul Downey

It’s been something Nightmare on Elm Street fans having been asking for, for as long as we can all remember – a prequel of sorts of the original film. 373 more words

Post Mortem: Why did Fan flop?

First, let’s accept the fact. Fan has flopped.

It might not recover the cost of production from box office ticket sales and might perhaps; ‎stem its losses from other revenue sources like content  1,192 more words

Shah Rukh Khan

James Campbell's Batman Fan Film Ripper is Beyond Awesome!

We love Batman at his darkest. Nobody broods better. Nobody punishes better. Nobody just goes toe to toe with the friggin’ Ripper!

Okay. Batman does… all of those things. 74 more words


Star Trek: "World and Time Enough" (A Review)

Time for another Star Trek fan episode! This one is several years old—dating back from 2007 according to the episode’s IMDb page—and stars an original cast member: George Takei! 693 more words


Broad Strokes - 'The Greater Good' feat. Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald

These people are SO amazing and it’s so good to see such well-done fan films!! While they’ve recently become super popular for their 20-minute video, … 29 more words