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The prologue of Killer Weight Loss (work in progress)


The buzzing of the alarm woke me from a deep sleep. It was hard for my eyes to focus so early in the morning without my glasses. 2,374 more words


Excerpt from Gone Fishing Chapter 7

“What is it Andy?”

Andy pointed inside the cave. Not waiting for an answer I walked into the cave. It was dark inside and I turned on my flashlight so I could see. 1,608 more words

JW Metcalf

Little Miss Fisher (rough draft) A Tony Gavel Short Story

Little Miss Fisher

Stakeouts are one of the most boring things a private investigator can do during a case. It usually involves long hours sitting in some location, hungry, no place to go to the bathroom and very boring. 3,954 more words

JW Metcalf

Fan Friday - Love is War Cover

This week’s Fan Friday features Kristi Hoopes who figured out the chords for Love is War on her own! Thank you Kristi for your hard work on this cover, it sounds great! 14 more words

Fan Fridays

Fan Fridays!

Seeing that I don’t have many “fans”, this may be the first and last Fan Fridays post. :-)

My friend Lauren’s husband Rob is an avid Running4two reader and I am so happy that he got everyone on board…even Linden who is now my #1 fan. 101 more words


Fan Friday!

This week we are featuring our favorite ‘Doctor Who’ fan art, cosplay, and videos!

First up we have this beautiful representation of the companions, courtesy of  131 more words

San Diego Comic-Con International

Fan Fridays!

Fridays we want to celebrate you- the fans!

Each week we will feature fan videos and fan art! There is nothing cooler than seeing how other fans celebrate their favorite books, shows and actors. 48 more words

The Vampire Diaries