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A Letter to The Lumineers

Dear Wesley, Jeremiah, and Neyla,

I have 12th row seats for The Lumineers show here in Winnipeg tonight and the timing is perfect. I got into your band in 2015, three years after the self-titled album and the performance at the Grammys–which seemed like kind of unfortunate timing because The Lumineers, for all I knew, went into hibernation. 411 more words

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Let my self go

These days what I want the most is to get rid of the great amount of stress I’m carring in my back… it is useless and it hinders my way to happier things. 186 more words

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My first Letter

Dear Pamela madam,

I live in Assam. I am 19 and have been studying engineering for 2 years in July. As English is not my first language. 245 more words

Fan Letter

Fan Letter - Stop Whining

While updating my blog I read again some of the letters I sent you. I didn’t like some of them, I didn’t like the person who wrote them, I didn’t like the feelings she had while writing them. 70 more words

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Fan letter - Thank you

Today I followed your advice and made an extra effort to put attention in the way I asked things from everyone at work and I’ve been trying to be more participative at Ooparts chatting rooms. 22 more words

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Fan Letter - 아터 is back 

Good night :)

Today has been a day full of joy. I’m happy with 아터s return and I’m happy to see him so active.

I’m happy cause today I had the opportunity to be more active at chatting rooms and even participate in real time conversations. 59 more words

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Fan Letter - Closer

Hi there :)

This week I’ve enjoyed a lot live videos (even when I’ve seen them later), board game, 두둥s cake, flying drone… all of them made me feel closer. 41 more words

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