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Applaud the owners

YOU’VE probably seen their posters:  imaginative, humorous, intelligent and a little bit cheeky.  The good folk of Lewes have definitely made a splash in non-league football over the past few years, to such an extent that the club’s influence can be seen now all over the land as others “push the envelope” when it comes to the decades-old medium of fixture posters. 627 more words

Non-League Football

Why the Fan-ownership model works for U.S. Soccer

The U.S. sports landscape is littered if not enveloped with franchises. The franchise model is the absolute norm. In fact in the NFL (apart from one particularly notable exemption) Fan ownership and city ownership is explicitly outlawed, and in every other major franchise sport, it is either highly frowned upon or is strictly disallowed. 1,043 more words

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Venue was Wynd Centre auditorium.

40 or so in all

John White, George Adam and Gordon Scott spoke on the proposal.

Andrew Jenkins Supporters Direct there too. 330 more words

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Fan Ownership: What's the Problem?

Fan Ownership is one of footballs biggest talking points at the present time. With dwindling attendances, rising ticket prices and teams going bust left, right and centre it is surely time to take action! 1,978 more words

The stakeholder concept – smelling the coffee

THE NON-LEAGUE football world often lives within a false economy that does little to dissuade clubs from flirting dangerously with financial ruin. Some clubs live way beyond their means, paying out everything they accrue and agreeing players’ wages that are totally unrealistic when one considers the earning power of the clubs. 1,954 more words

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