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Good vs Evil

What makes a character inherently good or inherently evil? What if the character remains neutral? Does that land the character on one side or the other by default? 340 more words

Gwen Wood

Nearly 12,000 Words

It is day 16 and I have nearly 12,000 words. It seems like a lot but that just means I have started on Chapter Six. I am enjoying slowly revealing the ties between the characters. 152 more words

Gwen Wood

Tennessee Titans: Elimination game vs Colts this week

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The Tennessee Titans (5-5) and Indianapolis Colts (4-5) have two things in common heading into their rematch this Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium. 391 more words

Tennessee Titans


I am still waiting for my coffee to kick in, so I figured, why not start a blog about my writing. That way friends and family, and possibly future fans could keep up with my progress. 338 more words

Gwen Wood

Veterans: Empire and Old Republic

Today we celebrate every veteran. From the Imperial Navy, Army, Stormtrooper Corps to the ISB. We all owe our proud enlisted men and women a thank you. 372 more words


Defending the Empire

Operation Strike Fear had come to surface recently to defend ourselves against the guerilla fighters. Their main base of operations is unknown as of now. The operations primary objective is to keep these rebels under in immense amount of pressure, thus not allowing them to expand. 354 more words


Operation Strike Fear

To Strike Fear. Not to the Empire but to the terrorists who attacked us first. We will not be simply pushed by these ruffians without a push back. 134 more words