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Fan Review: The Day in the Life (Bones)

If this post turns out to be anything other than incoherent gibberish, it will be a miracle.

I think it’s a plot, where the executive producers had a pow-wow and decided that if they killed off the fandom in the penultimate episode, there wouldn’t be anyone left to weep after the end of the finale. 2,501 more words


Reinventing the Iconic - Mass Effect Andromeda

Undaunted by the gravity of their own legacy, BioWare forges a new path forward. The premise of Mass Effect: Andromeda mirrors the new life of the franchise in more ways than one. 623 more words


Fan Review: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party (Bones)

I’ve now finished my re-watch of this, and I have Thoughts.

First, while I understand why people who watch only for Booth and Brennan didn’t care for this, that doesn’t make it a filler episode. 1,882 more words


Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

The game takes place in Bolivia in July 2019. The country has become increasingly unstable as the Santa Blanca, a previously minor Mexican drug cartel… 441 more words


For Honor - Such Beautiful Flaws

Like a spring-loaded boxing glove in a shiny wrapped box, For Honor is the gift that keeps on giving well past your second black eye. Equal parts stunning faux-history medieval brawler and cruel test of patience and temper, Ubisoft’s unconventional arena fighter pits Knights, Samurai and Viking warriors in a cycle of never ending war. 978 more words


Fan Review: The Grief and the Girl (Bones)

I often comment that people who enjoy Bones do so for a variety of reasons. We do not all want the same things, which, whatever else it means, means that some of us are at least occasionally disappointed, and that it’s a no-win for the writers. 1,970 more words


For Honor Review

The warlord Apollyon takes control of the knights of the Blackstone Legion after murdering his rivals, who fight for and protect the people of the land of Ashfeld, allowing her to sow the seeds of perpetual war and create stronger men to rule over the weak. 672 more words