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Questions I have after watching Stranger Things!

Lot of my friends watched Stranger Things and couldn’t stop talking about it so I had to get on the band wagon and watch it. I finished it in one and a half days, so yes, it is addictive. 478 more words


Fan Review: The Nightmare within the Nightmare (Bones)

First, let me note that I thought this was brilliantly done. I love that all the way through it,  we have no idea what we can trust, what’s real, what’s isn’t. 2,112 more words


Fan-Review: Imagine You & Me

I still can’t find enough words to describe this film. I am not a movie geek/critic so this review would be more biased coming from a fan hahaha. 2,192 more words


Fan Review: The Jewel in the Crown (Bones)

Early last week, someone pointed me to a condescending remark a reviewer had made about Bones.

That attitude isn’t new, and my response was about the same as always: to wonder why the reviewer thought insulting fans of a long-running show was the way to build an audience for her site.   1,926 more words


Fan Review: The Stiff in the Cliff (Bones)

Anyone who’s read much of what I’ve written about Bones over the years probably knows that the theme I return to the most often in terms of the big-picture story they’re telling is that of their made-from-scratch family. 1,946 more words


Fan Review: The Head in Abutment (Bones)

I know I sound like a recording on this point, but while watching this episode, all I could think about was how easy it is for the show to charm me because there are so many things I like about it. 1,331 more words


Fan Review: The Movie in the Making (Bones)

Because there are so many things I like about Bones, rare is the episode that doesn’t work for me on some level. But when I enjoy most of them as much as I do, that makes it hard to find the words when a really special one comes along. 1,903 more words