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Battlefield Beta Breakdown

Evidently, DICE does not believe in resting on one’s laurels. The pioneers who brought us the undisputed king of epic-scale sixty-four player battles in Battlefield 4 already had their sights on something higher, and are finally able to reveal the game they had been wanting to make for years: Battlefield 1. 1,483 more words


Impressions from the Titanfall 2 Tech Test

“Follow mode engaged. I have your six, pilot” – Ion, skirmish at Forward Base Kodai

It’s tough – and potentially just inaccurate – to write a review on a pre-alpha test of a game when so many aspects of the finished product were kept under wraps, but what we were allowed to see does say quite for what we can expect. 1,055 more words


Questions I have after watching Stranger Things!

Lot of my friends watched Stranger Things and couldn’t stop talking about it so I had to get on the band wagon and watch it. I finished it in one and a half days, so yes, it is addictive. 478 more words


Fan Review: The Nightmare within the Nightmare (Bones)

First, let me note that I thought this was brilliantly done. I love that all the way through it,  we have no idea what we can trust, what’s real, what’s isn’t. 2,112 more words


Fan-Review: Imagine You & Me

I still can’t find enough words to describe this film. I am not a movie geek/critic so this review would be more biased coming from a fan hahaha. 2,192 more words


Fan Review: The Jewel in the Crown (Bones)

Early last week, someone pointed me to a condescending remark a reviewer had made about Bones.

That attitude isn’t new, and my response was about the same as always: to wonder why the reviewer thought insulting fans of a long-running show was the way to build an audience for her site.   1,926 more words


Fan Review: The Stiff in the Cliff (Bones)

Anyone who’s read much of what I’ve written about Bones over the years probably knows that the theme I return to the most often in terms of the big-picture story they’re telling is that of their made-from-scratch family. 1,946 more words