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Injustice 2 Review

After the defeat of High Councilor Superman, Batman and his insurgency attempt to piece society back together. However, a new group of villains led by… 829 more words


The Surge Review

As an employee of CREO, you are fitted with an exo-suit intended for industrial work inside the CREO complex. This base rig can be enhanced with light, medium, or heavy attachments, allowing you to specialize into your chosen playstyle. 316 more words


Prey Review

In March 2032, Morgan Yu is recruited by their brother Alex to join TranStar’s research team on Talos I. However, while taking a series of tests prior to leaving for the station, one of the supervising doctors is attacked by a Typhon and Morgan is knocked out. 535 more words


Perry's Take on Pilgrimage - with later Spoiler Warning.

This part is spoiler-free.

This may be just part one, but after never getting around to ¬†real review of Love, Love, Love, I decided to get right to work on… 1,638 more words

Persona 5 Review

After the protagonist defends a woman from being molested by powerful politician Masayoshi Shido, Shido uses his connections to have the protagonist charged with assault and put on… 538 more words


Fan Review: The End in the End (Bones)


I’m trying to wade through All The Feels to be sensible (I’d settle for coherent) and I just keep coming back to: They nailed it. 2,969 more words