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Fan Review: High Treason in the Holiday Season (Bones)

A couple of weeks ago, I was bewildered by a conversation we had here, where it seemed to come down to…either the lighter toned episodes are your favorites, or you must want endless angst. 2,018 more words


Fan Review: The Senator in the Street Sweeper (Bones)

Here’s the conundrum of storytelling: we like our characters to be happy, but when they’re too happy – like say, when the biggest problem they’re facing is whether or not a TV in the bedroom will negatively impact their sex life – they’re not as interesting. 1,417 more words


Urban Shared: First Full Fan Review In - From Jaydall

This from Jaydall who #SharedUrban. Thanks!!!

So, where do I put my little ‘review’, Perry? I have just got back from the 4pm screening and didn’t wait to see if I could catch RA. 289 more words

Richard Armitage

Fan Review: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Sleepy Hollow)

I have an uneven history with Sleepy Hollow. One Saturday last year, I binge watched the first half of season one.  I remember being interested enough to keep watching, but not enough, apparently, to continue on, at least right then.   1,403 more words

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Fan Review: The Resurrection in the Remains (Bones)

I liked this episode a lot, even apart from the crossover aspect. It was sort of Bones Meets Indiana Jones in places, plus it had the witty dialog I love, humor in the pranking, and great character stuff. 1,606 more words


Fan Review: The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves (Bones)

This is always going to be a very special episode for me.  I watched it in a beach house off the coast of Georgia with eight close friends, all of whom I met through the… 1,458 more words


Let's start a riot - my Assassin's Creed Syndicate review

Rain falls on the soot black heart of the industrial revolution; in the distance a clock tower bell chimes. London, 1868. With the ambition and vigor of a much younger game, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate aims to be the best in the series since Brotherhood. 951 more words