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Fan Review: The New Tricks in the Old Dogs (Bones)

It’s not really a surprise, particularly, but I’m watching this season differently than I’ve watched the others, and I finally figured out how the other night: I’m viewing every single one of these episodes as an essential part of the overall narrative.   1,603 more words


Fan Review: The Brain in the Bot (Bones)

Bones has always balanced tone, with lighter episodes following darker ones (or preceding them) and I’d wondered how they’d manage that in a short season where so much is going on.  1,541 more words


Fan Review: The Hope in the Horror (Bones)

As crazy as I am about Bones, I occasionally react to spoilers with, ‘oh, I wish they wouldn’t do that. I don’t see how it can work.’  And part of… 2,065 more words


Fan Allison's Guest Post - #LLLPlay Review Part 2

Here is the continuation of Allison’s LLLPlay experience. Part 1 is here. Enjoy

Part II

Love, Love, Love: The Audience Experience (or: I Have No Stage Door Game) 825 more words

Fan Allison's Guest Post - #LLLPlay Review - Part I

This is a delightful, if long, analysis of Allison’s take on her #LLLPlay experiences. Part II will be posted this evening. Enjoy. And please send hr love and comments… 1,765 more words

Richard Armitage

Battlefield Beta Breakdown

Evidently, DICE does not believe in resting on one’s laurels. The pioneers who brought us the undisputed king of epic-scale sixty-four player battles in Battlefield 4 already had their sights on something higher, and are finally able to reveal the game they had been wanting to make for years: Battlefield 1. 1,483 more words


Impressions from the Titanfall 2 Tech Test

“Follow mode engaged. I have your six, pilot” – Ion, skirmish at Forward Base Kodai

It’s tough – and potentially just inaccurate – to write a review on a pre-alpha test of a game when so many aspects of the finished product were kept under wraps, but what we were allowed to see does say quite for what we can expect. 1,055 more words