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Fan Review: The Iron Druid Chronicles

I have a happy place, a place of peace, and rest, and good food, and great stories. No, it’s not Rivendell (though seriously, it sort of is, in my head.) Rather, it’s where my BFF lives, now two hundred-odd-miles from me. 1,183 more words

Fan Review

The Division Beta Impressions and Feedback

Agent, you’ve been activated. It is time to take back New York City. After breaking radio┬ásilence on their upcoming openworld shooter RPG “The Division”, Ubisoft invited fans who had pre-ordered the game to participate in closed beta this weekend. 1,046 more words


OXENFREE - Delightfully Scary, Clever and Unforgettable

Five teenagers set out to explore a spooky island’s mystery, what could possibly go wrong? Night School Studio’s charming high school horror adventure “OXENFREE” turns out to be more than just a little scary and a whole lot of fun. 199 more words


Fan Review: The Force Awakens


(Seriously…if you think you might see the film, and haven’t been spoiled, back away now.)

The day I bought my tickets for the film, I noted on Twitter that the last time I’d anticipated a Star Wars film this much was for… 1,876 more words

Fan Review

Fan Review: The Cowboy in the Contest/The Doom in the Boom (Bones) (pt 2)

So enough about the others, what about Angela and Hodgins? And that – gulp! – wheelchair in the final frame of The Doom in the Boom… 2,304 more words


Fan Review: The Cowboy in the Contest/The Doom in the Boom (Bones) (pt 1)

Well. Wow. Yikes. The mid-season finale was really something on the emotional spectrum, wasn’t it? Days later, I’m still grinning foolishly when I think of moments from the first half, and tearing up when I recall what happened in the second. 2,152 more words


Fan Review: High Treason in the Holiday Season (Bones)

A couple of weeks ago, I was bewildered by a conversation we had here, where it seemed to come down to…either the lighter toned episodes are your favorites, or you must want endless angst. 2,018 more words