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Ready Player two (part four)

I sighed, clicking off my comms link ,disappointed that neither of my parents had answered their devices, but Horzes reminded me that it was 3am in the morning over in London. 1,416 more words


Ready Player Two (part Three)

As we walked back towards the rig, Horzes punched  me on the arm with his fist balled tight and laughed, “So, bitch- how much do you still owe our illustrious leaders then?”  I turned back and kicked out at him, rubbing at my stinging shoulder,        ” About half as much as you,  dumbass” I replied, grabbing him in a bear hug and wrestling him to the ground, before I started jabbing him in the ribs with my fingers.  1,266 more words


Ready Player Two (part two)

“Cargo?” The EDA security guard repeated, trying to look as official as he could in his army grey camouflaged fatigues.  He hooked his hand around the rigs wing mirror and  stepped up onto the rigs side kick plate for a better view inside the warm cab. 1,349 more words


Ready Player Two (issue 1)

…And that was that.

One minute I am riding alongside Sir Robin in the search of the virtual Holy Grail, coconuts eagerly clacking in hand, certain I am almost within touching distance of Halliday’s billions- the next minute, I am ejected from the game and deleted from the quest. 1,455 more words

Meet the British academic reliving David Bowie's entire life in one year

Professor Will Brooker is more than your average superfan. Brooker, a professor of film and cultural studies at London’s Kingston University, is spending an entire year… 603 more words


Fan Story: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

There are three things I know for certain in my life.

Yoga always feels good post practice, so get off your butt and into plank. 779 more words

Harry Potter

U2's Joshua tree has been vandalized

The Joshua tree made famous by U2’s 1987 album Joshua Tree has remained a popular and much revered Mojave Desert site for fans for the last two decades, even after its collapse back in 2000. 169 more words