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"Fungal Leprosy", by William J. Maitland, Jr.

It’s always the things you don’t see that get you. That’s what my boss used to tell me. Of course, he was simply referring to that spot of dirt beneath the floor that we neglected to mop up earlier that day. 1,129 more words

Fan Submissions

Commuter Profile - Rob Reid

Biking to Work with Rob Reid

We first met Rob Reid on twitter (@robuncorked) in 2015. Bike Shop Hub was tweeting about our friendly competitor Henty and asking opinions about biking with a suit. 1,672 more words

Classic Garment Pannier

"The End", by Eric Porter

The blade of the ax slid along the log, shaving fine chips of wood as Hanna worked silently. It wasn’t an ideal tool–there were no ideal tools any more, just what you could find–but it was sufficient for the job she needed to do. 1,460 more words

Tale Foundry

Pannier Backpack Convertible Review by Professional Musician, Anton Kang

Anton is a longtime Two Wheel Gear rider and early customer of our original Classic 1.0 Garment Pannier. Since then, he’s trusted our gear to carry his tuxedo on his bike and on the plane for performances around the world. 975 more words


We are One Year Old!

As of today, Tale Foundry is one year old!


On behalf of everyone at the Foundry, we thank you for a year worth of wonderful creative thinking and writing. 83 more words


We're One Year Old Tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks one full year since we posted our first episode! We believe that this is a major cause for celebration and we want you to join in. 214 more words

Tale Foundry

Episode 9

Episode 9 has been uploaded onto the channel!! Who is their Uncle Laszlo?

And Tim, from the Starving Artists youtube group, sent in a wonderful picture of his calligraphy writing! 23 more words