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Studium der Messenger

Im Hinblick auf diesen Blog, hier sind einige fertig digitale Kunst Skizzen und Studien ├╝ber die Nutzung der dynamischen Posen des Cyber-Boten. Aber man kann fragen, warum die Richtung, in die Erkundung der Charakter darstellen und Palette Sortiment? 301 more words


Studying the Messenger

With regards to this blog, here are some completed digital art sketches and trials on harnessing the dynamic poses of the cybermessenger. But you may ask, why the direction in exploring the character pose and palette assortment? 300 more words


Fanart: Fangirl

When I love something enough, when I can’t get a TV show or a movie or book out of my mind even after I finish it, I have to draw it. 98 more words


Fight Club! Mako Mankanshoku

The rough sketch for the picture. It started with the red pencil lines as guides, followed by a more defining black pencil lines.

Tidied up and inked the sketch with a few technical pens. 130 more words


Sketches for Taiven, I might add a few others..

Edit: Taiven 0.3 was chosen


oW Avatar Fanart: It's Sp3ll!

Took me quite a few hours, but I managed to finish a drawing of my avatar

aww yeah, it’s finally done ;3;