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I fanarted Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, that’s what happened. This took so long it wasn’t even funny. As per usual I struggled with the BG but I think it came out OK for the most part. 11 more words

Chazz Princeton

[FANART] Song ca | Woogyu

Dịch dưới sự cho phép của tác giả. Vui lòng không mang đi đâu hết :’3 189 more words


Sunfire by PonyFox

Todays picture upload is a special present from a good friend and great artist on deviantART. I love it really much. Please visit PonyFox.deviantart.com to discover more of his great artwork. Thank you PonyFox ^_^

Joy Of Sunfire

Working on some princesses

I should punish myself for being away from this blog for so long but now I’m back (for real!)

I wanted to update you on some projects I’ve been working on. 73 more words


[FANART] H đã ra 2 album rồi đó....... | Woogyu

Có tham khảo bản dịch tiếng Anh của Jamie.

Dịch dưới sự cho phép của người vẽ. Vui lòng không mang ra khỏi đây. 63 more words


Anastasia Paper art - WIP

I’ve been trying to work with construction paper for a while and only now I’m starting to understand how it works (or at least I think so). 279 more words