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[TaoHun|Trans|Fanart] Cuộc gặp gỡ đầu tiên

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V-trans: Lu Panda


Part 1        Part 2[Coming soon}

P/s: Xong Part 2 mình còn 2 fanart của ChanBaek và KaiSoo. Tui đang không biết trans bộ nào trước. Cho tui ý kiến đi.


This…is a result of wanting to draw Kaito and practice drawing feet ^_^; and like all my attempts at art, it ended in failure Y_Y


I have the problem of liking my sketches more than the finished drawing so I left it as a sketch. Since the colored version of Taiven didn’t look anything like the first sketches, I gave it a second try T_T


Leslie's Happiness

We were pleasantly surprised to watch the latest episode from SouthPark for today’s morning break, and of course the warm up was Leslie.
Not only for the call out to people who get lead astray by fake helpful articles (which in reality are just sponsored ads in the shape of articles), but also by how the writers lead us to this moment of puzzle pieces that finally fit. 17 more words


Ugly Shyla [fanart]

Finished this a few days ago. I’m honoured she loved the piece!
This is a fanart piece of the artist and model Ugly Shyla. I’ve admired her work for years and I’m glad this piece turned out as good as it did, and she loves it! 36 more words


Sketches for Ibery. I don’t know if this is considered “chubby” or not…I tend to draw very rounded characters anyway….