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Sunfire 2 by PonyFox

Sunfire 2 by PonyFox
One of the best artists I know, because he put so much heart in his work.

Joy Of Sunfire

Friendship is magic

Okay, I do know this is kind of childish. But I figured it could be interesting, and a little fun, to check out how children animation look like. 125 more words


Still Life: Plush Pokemon

Sketched this still life real quick while rearranging the office at work. My new set up is awesome, plus it includes a Mega Venasaur!

Time: 15 minutes

Fanart: Doraemon In High School?

So I watched Doraemon Stand By Me and got the idea making this high school version of them *laugh*

Interesting, no? To see them all grown up (well, Doraemon is an exception since a robot can’t grow up… nothing’s wrong in staying cute forever though)… do I portray them right? 14 more words


WIP: Ansatsu Keychain!

Currently I’m making this keychain design for selling in a manga event in my city! Will any of you be interested to buy this Nagisa and Koro-ice keychain? 266 more words