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After drawing Bret (Blue Stahli), I obviously had to draw Klayton (Celldweller) as well! :D

You should also check out his music because he rocks :D

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Blue Stahli

I tried drawing Bret (Blue Stahli), keyword ‘tried’ :P

In any case, check out his music because it rocks!

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My boyfriend’s SWTOR character being extra creepy :D

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Overwatch - Soldier76 portrait thing

Trying out my new Cintiq, so here’s my first attempt at drawing something decent :P

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Overwatch - Hanzo portrait thing

I just realized I’d forgotten to post this one here! So have some Hanzo :)

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No cake for Junkrat!

I’ve been playing A LOT of Overwatch lately… so here’s some fanart! I love playing as Roadhog :D

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