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St. Jerome School 1909 Project: A labor of love for John Carrico

John Carrico has a passion. It is a passion which originated and is sustained through living the heritage of Fancy Farm, Kentucky. You can feel the passion and the enthusiasm he has for his home town and the work being done to renovate the town’s original school, St. 1,637 more words


We're Tired

There isn’t anyone that you talk to in the last couple of days that isn’t tired.  We are worn out.  Done.  And we don’t know when we’ll get rested. 1,696 more words

Fancy Farm Picnic

The Politics of Fancy Farm

Fancy Farm, Kentucky is a community located in Graves County.  It used to be an incorporated town but years ago it reverted to just being a community, governed by Graves County Fiscal Court.   1,144 more words

Fancy Farm Picnic

Family Tradition

For generations the Elder’s have been boning out meat and chopping meat and selling meat by the pound. Oh, I’m sorry. When I say meat I mean barbecued pork and mutton. 567 more words

Fancy Farm Picnic

You Are the Salt of the Earth

Today officially starts the St. Jerome Fancy Farm Picnic. Most people know this picnic as the Fancy Farm Picnic. We are world famous. A lot of people don’t have clue that this is a picnic put on by St. 327 more words

Fancy Farm Picnic

That Hill!

I’m not a runner. And until last July I wasn’t even a walker. For almost 20 years I have been Co-Chairman of the St. Jerome One Mile Classic but I never walked that mile. 1,077 more words

Fancy Farm Picnic

It's Picnic Week

It’s Picnic Week!

It’s picnic week and everyone is as busy as can be. The BBQ pits have been cleaned out, the Bingo stand is getting ready to go up, the new Speaker’s Stand has been spruced and is ready for its baptism by fire come Saturday. 1,956 more words

Fancy Farm Picnic