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Fake emotions

The one thing that puts me off at work is people appreciating when they don’t mean it. There are all kinds of people at work, some who are genuinely impressed by the work I do and can’t thank enough and others who know that I will keep working hard regardless. 406 more words


I meet the universe in a room. Yahweh, the Great I AM, God of Israel, with stardust under his fingernails and mountains sandwiched between His toes- I meet Him in a room. 824 more words



Golden hues flying about in the atmosphere took shape as my lids slid open.  My body felt lighter than it had ever done – as if I had no weight at all, as if I was just a wondering spirit. 521 more words

Introduction: Fancy Words

The English vocabulary, and our society’s use of it nowadays, is an endangered species in the realm of language and communication.

It would be awesome if it were socially acceptable to go up to someone’s kid sticking their face in front of an iPad, take it away from them, and give them a book to read instead.   102 more words


Some Kinda Natural Flow

With the spring semester in full swing now, I don’t have much time to be messin’ around in video games. Not that I’m using the phrase “messin’ around” to imply my gaming is a waste of time, I’m just tryin’ to say that homework takes up a lot of my efforts. 624 more words

Wifi: the route(r) of all my problems.

Well, today was going alright, until about five minutes ago. The wifi has suddenly decided that we can’t be friends, so I’m posting via 3G like a heathen… Wait, it might be back in action, maybe? 753 more words

Darn you, King James!

Attention Citizens of Earth!

The passage from the King James Bible that says “Suffer the little children to come unto me” — often unfortunately abbreviated to “Suffer the little children” — does NOT mean that little children do, will, should, or must suffer! 106 more words

Fancy Words