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Simplicity Stupid

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Simplicity Stupid

Keep it simple stupid or keep it simple sweetie. When people long ago talked about keeping it simple. 227 more words

Effervescent Garbage Symphony


We have had a small
spare change epiphany,

a scintilla of soft sofa
a filament of fun dip,
a myriad murmur of mud. 77 more words

Metanoia Will Destroy Ya

I’m a writer. I like words. A few months ago I stumbled across a great one:

In transactional analysis, metanoia is used to describe the experience of abandoning an old scripted self or false self for a more open one: a process which may be marked by a mixture of intensity, despair, self-surrender, and an encounter with the inner void.

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Minibig Lifts

Fake emotions

The one thing that puts me off at work is people appreciating when they don’t mean it. There are all kinds of people at work, some who are genuinely impressed by the work I do and can’t thank enough and others who know that I will keep working hard regardless. 406 more words