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Enoch Arden and Adaptation

Historically, film adaptations have been viewed as a nexus wherein high literary culture merges with the lower culture of the film medium; this serves to introduce works of classical literature to audiences who would otherwise not have access to them either due to economic, social, or language barriers in the case of… 905 more words


Targets: A New Brand Of Horror

Underlying the seemingly simple narrative of a sniper who massacres moviegoers just as an aging actor makes his final promotional appearance, Peter Bogdanovich’s Targets primarily functions as a meta-commentary on the changing nature of the horror genre. 621 more words


Steve Rogers in the Age of Donald Trump: On Cynicism, Fiction, and the Power of Fan-work

You know what first turned me on to Marvel?

Steve Rogers. Otherwise known as Captain America.

I was a casual fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, always enjoying the movies but never really going further, buying the movies but not merchandise, not diving into the fandom, not reading the comics. 1,373 more words

Social Justice

Opinion: On Fan Reactions

Yesterday was quite the eventful day for the comics world as a whole. The amazing The Flash season finale. Minds being blown by DC Rebirth. And of course, the newest craze to hit comics Twitter, Steve Rogers being a Hydra mole all along. 639 more words


My Top Three Villains

In today’s fangirly post, I will tell you my favorite villains from each fandom! Let’s get evil! 244 more words


Don't Panic

At some point we are all Arthur Dent. Someone comes along and tells us to don’t panic and of course at that moment we do. And we continue to panic until we realize that all we need is a guide and a towel. 16 more words