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For the Love of Val: Willow

For those of you who do not know me, or my creepiness, or my obsessions; I have many true loves. I expect them only to love me while I am able to love as many as I wish.There is my boyfriend, his beautiful children, and my family. 838 more words

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Hoziest Tweets In a Week

Hozier 24/7 is tickled to introduce Hoziest Tweets in a Week!  We will gather our favorite tweets about Hozier (and maybe some from the man himself) and plop them here once a week. 623 more words



So Leonard Nimoy died on Friday. I didn’t spend a lot of time Eulogizing him, but last night, as I sat with my family (at our Tuesday night getting dinner with my family and drinking a lot of wine, because that’s what we do night) and I asked what I should write about for today and we decided I should write about this. 269 more words


Spock. The original cool nerd.

I grew up in rural Montana in the 80s.  Where I’m from, people don’t watch Sci Fi.  They ride horses and eat a lot of meat.   342 more words

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"On sniping, women, and SF" by Brenda Cooper

There’s a lot of sniping going on across genders in our field.  Vitriolic sniping.  Shame on us.

Yes, science fiction is largely male dominated.  So are a lot of fields.  1,332 more words

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Inside the Life of a K-Pop Superfan

Korea is an amazing place with many things to offer: cheap and efficient public transport, perfectly coiffed, doll-like women, the pungent but amazing wonder food that is kimchi, for starters. 2,528 more words

My Korea