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Safe Spaces Found in Fan Conventions By Anjeanette LeBoeuf

This is the post where we are going to enter the world of fan conventions. Fan Conventions can be considered anything that carries a fan base – film, television, comics, books, actors, or genres of literature. 1,032 more words

Popular Culture

The Get Up and Over Fan Fund-GUFF

I was in the running to be the GUFF delegate this year. The Get Up and Over Fan Fund is a SF fan run scheme that sends an Australian fan to Europe one year and then sends a European/UK fan to Australia the next. 278 more words

World Science Fiction Conventions

Hivemind Facepalm

As a worshipper, I have to facepalm when I see people using “hive mind” in names and descriptions of groups and pages which have nothing to do with either Wraith or insect groups. 15 more words

RA Challenge ♡ #3: Fave Fan Art

It has come to my attention that I have shamefully ignored the part of our blogging community which blogs on platforms other than WordPress. Thank goodness for Servetus – she pointed out that Ania, who blogs at her blog… 203 more words

Richard Armitage

The Sensitive Fan And The Sarcastic Diva

Oh, I wasn’t going to comment on this. I really wasn’t! I can see all arguments…all sides.

A fan from America made a comment about why Minds always seem to stick to touring Europe and never seem to get stateside. 601 more words

Simple Minds

April 17

Fandom life —

A friend of mine and I went to the movie theater to watch the Dr. Who season premiere tonight. It was a fun outing that had a last minute, “Are you dressing up?” attached to it. 73 more words


Unknown Solution

Step 1: Understand your problems.

Step 2: Accept it.

Step 3: Continue to feel the same cause you don’t know how to solve it