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Bucket List

Growing up near Boston, MA, I enjoyed going to the museums, the Aquarium, shows, concerts and countless events and festivals. So, when I started my family, I had a bucket list of places and events for my son to see. 73 more words

3 Days In Beautiful Boston

With its old world charm, historic significance,vivid colours of the fall and amazing Oysters, Boston is a picture perfect postcard. It is also one of the most tourist friendly places I’ve been to. 1,434 more words


Boston - The Real-Life Haunts of the Sons of Liberty

History.com: The three-night Sons of Liberty miniseries premiers on HISTORY January 25. Before tuning in, explore some of the real-life haunts in Boston where a group of young rebels lit the spark that ignited the American Revolution. 73 more words


10 Times I’ve Realized I’m THAT Girl

These are the moments I’ll one day lie to my daughter about:


That one time I found myself hooking up with a man too old for it to be OK (I’m apparently really turned on by people with lives even less put together than my own) on a pullout couch as my best friend’s boyfriend stood in the kitchen cleaning everything with a table runner and bleach. 725 more words

Welcome, 2015!

So the start of another here is here…anyone else remember the millennium? It feels like that was yesterday, but it was 15 years ago! Wow! 601 more words

Where no one knows my name

She said I think I’ll go to Boston.

The single thing on our minds that morning we flew to Boston was: Why the heck did we choose a 7am flight out of JFK? 525 more words