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150723 [Article] Stars Among The Millennials

Back in the past, people idolized silver screen stars from the likes of John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, or the more modern stars Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, and Robert Downey, Jr. 811 more words

Caspar Lee

MLB All Star Game (Entire week)

So this is something I have been planning and getting ready for it during the last few months. My best friend and I just finished it a few days ago. 306 more words

Friday morning at #Fanfest (and don't forget to #voteCueto before 4pm)

The All-Star Game Fanfest has come to Cincinnati! My youngest son and I took a trip down the Duke Energy Convention Center for a couple of hours this morning to check things out, and had a blast! 321 more words


All-Star FanFest to Hold Amazing Auction

With All-Star weekend quickly approaching, there will be many exciting events around Cincinnati – minus a doughnut-licking pop star. One event that should peak the interest of baseball fans will be the auction that will be taking place on Tuesday, July 14, at 10:00 AM EST at the Duke Energy Center. 1,061 more words

Baseball Rants


I am really a big fan of YouTube Creators. Sometimes my friends tell me, “Your phone has a lot of covers than originals” or “I don’t know this artist” then I will answer, “It’s a YouTuber.” Though they can’t relate to my interests, I’m glad that through social media I learned to connect to other people that I have the same interests with. 717 more words