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SuperWhoLock 1

“Hello, is this Dean Winchester?” Said a voice on the phone. It was three in the morning and dean was tired from a hard job the day before. 1,718 more words

KnB fanfic- TakaKuro: No title 02

Takao nhìn xuống mái tóc màu xanh mềm mượt của Kuroko đã bị hạ gục trên ngực anh, hơi thở nhẹ nhàng, tăng lên và giảm xuống. 713 more words

Kuroko No Basket

KnB fanfic- TakaKuro: Affective Name

“Tetsu-chan! Hey, Tetsu-chan! ~”

“Takao-kun, em đang bận.”

“Đó chính là lí do anh cần nói chuyện với em đó!”

Kuroko thở dài bất lực và đặt cuốn sách lại trên giường mà cậu đang ngồi, dựa vào tường. 794 more words

Kuroko No Basket

Maradalu meets Amma

Jai stood at the mezzanine of his duplex home looking down at the drawing room where his mother and Vennela sat chit chatting and also making his Sunday Brunch ready. 555 more words

Measure of a Mook Chapter 4 (a Kim Possible fanfic)

“Alright, Ron, I want you on the hostage situation. I’ll take care of the mob, okay?”

“KP, you sure? These guys are packing, I want to be there with you.” 3,904 more words


[Wri-fic][MarkJin] Byeongja Horan - Phiên ngoại 3

Phiên ngoại 3: Đoàn Nghi Ân – Park JinYoung

Phiên ngoại cuối cùng cũng là quà chúc mừng sinh nhật JinYoung. Chúc mọi người đọc fic vui vẻ ^^

3,343 more words


Yeon-kyung put on the hanbok as Im and the kids waited outside.

At this rate we’re going, I could probably open a hanbok rental company in Seoul… I should probably wear some light pieces of gold or silver more – at least that’d pay for all the clothes and stuff that we always need to get here. 111 more words