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[Oneshot] [PG] Rồi hết hoang vu

kenshin!Yoongi ft. hajime!Namjoon & kaoru!Jungkook
for Lanchi
thanks to Vu Thường


Nước mưa bắn vào từ bậc hiên khiến mũi giày vải thấm ướt, Yoongi nhìn lên bầu trời xám tro, mưa chắc cũng sẽ không sớm tạnh. 4,542 more words


Edgar Allan Poe's Transmedia Exercise "Confession" #PoePartyFTW

Hi Internet People,

The ravens swoop back in as the focus of this week’s Poe Party Prompt “confession.”

The ravens were startled by the sound of two thuds outside the door of the study. 768 more words



Fanfiction: Thế giới gương
Author: Ruồi không cánh
Categories: Fanfic
Paring: Taehuyng và Yoongi (BTS)
Cover: @TwentyOne_LCB

”Bạn ghét thế giới này?
Hãy trốn vào nơi đây. 426 more words


Whispers of Fire Ch12 bit - Pink Plots

Kougyoku leaned forward in her chair, intent on Ka Kobun’s report. “Sinbad left the traveler’s inn?”

“With his entourage.” Her assistant frowned. “All two of them. 253 more words

Just a Single Kiss (LoL Fanfic)

I stared at her empty seat and sighed. She was skipping school—again. For the fifth time this week. I hadn’t seen her since our row on Sunday, and by now, I was pretty worried. 794 more words


In Defense of Fanfic

Whenever I see an author up in arms about how bad and horrible fanfic is, I can’t help but to scratch my head and ask, “But what is so wrong about it?” 1,106 more words