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Costume Design in Comics Kinda Sucks Ass

Recently, comics have started to become popular again–Marvel is everywhere, DC is as well, and with the rising popularity of smaller comics like Lumberjanes and … other indie comics (can you tell I don’t read a lot of indie stuff), as well as TV shows (The Flash (CW), Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, etc.), liking superheroes and comic books unironically is becoming pretty popular. 672 more words


Thoughts on the Women of Game of Thrones, Pt 1

The quintessential “strong female character” usually has a checklist of traits: She wears makeup, but not too much and she’s never vain. She’s “one of the boys”. 894 more words

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On Canons and Headcanons

So a while ago, I got a comment on one of my Harry Potter metaposts basically questioning why I bothered to write meta at all, since actual HP canon couldn’t be changed because Rowling had already written it, and questioning why I thus bothered to point out flaws in her writing because it wasn’t going to change for anyone. 1,234 more words

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So all this while I thought Bangtan was a name of some place. Sigh. :)

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Proud A.R.M.Y.

Jimin: The lyrics is about girlfriend, wrote while thinking of girlfriend. But today we’ll sing by thinking of our fans.

Jungkook: Since our fans are our girlfriends.

Kyaaaaaaaa :3 How sweet.

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