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5 Things That Only Fangirls Do

I’m shaking things up a little with a list of things that only fangirls do. If you are a fangirl, you will totally be able to relate. 113 more words

Fangirl Stuff

So true. Happy back to the future day.
<3 kleefee

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Cataloging CDs and other things

Maybe it’s because I’m a bookseller now, and I was a school librarian (which is what we call students that do library page work) since I was about 11, but I’m just a tiny bit obsessed with cataloging stuff. 313 more words


Paper Towns - You'll go there, and never come back

»Margo was so much interested in mysteries. Maybe she became one herself.«
»You will go to the paper towns… … and you’ll never come back« 31 more words

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The Fault in our Planes

This is a scene from John Green’s novel The Fault in our Stars.
I like how Augustus is so enthusiastic about flying.
Did you see the movie yet? 18 more words

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Red Pill or Blue Pill

I choose the blue pill since I am too young to have Netflix and tumblr is cool.
Find me there: http://www.marchintotheuniverse.tumblr.com

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