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Book idea 1

Okay, a story about a fangirl who ships these two guys, but it turns out they both are competing for her.

Ava's Blabber

New Here

Hey Guys ! It’s Maria ! Basically , I am totally new here.Being a fangirl is never easy.Trust me.I’ve got to tweet a singer 8237378172 times.Spend peso and dollars for buying band merchs,albums,posters,tickets and memory card (lack of space because of the 9182727 number of pics in mah phone).Aside from that , being a fangirl is awesome,fantastic,beautiful.Being in a fandom is worth it.You’ve got to meet your fellow sisters(that’s what I call to other fangirls).Chat with them.Also, being in a fam is great.You can feel the love and support if you ever feel down.Your fellow sisters will help you even if you’re miles apart from each other.They will be with you through ups and downs.That’s why I’m part of them right now.To my fellow fangirls out there : hi ! 24 more words


Phim Tết

năm nào cũng sẽ ra rạp để xem phim vào dịp Tết. Biết là toàn phim Việt Nam hoặc phim nước ngoài tầm tầm nhưng mà cũng sẽ đi xem để hóng :)). 217 more words



Hi, I’m backkkkkkkk.

And within the weeks I haven’t posted… I have gotten obsessed with The Flash. The Flash is a tv show that airs on the CW, and is about a guy named Barry Allen. 348 more words


One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Olivia @ Heir of Glitter for nominating me :)

The Rules:

  • Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post 
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Gurl, Enough.

I am literally the happiest person at the moment.

First of all, my blog almost get 50 hits, which is really strange, because I don’t have 47 friends? 275 more words


Top 10 Fictional Crushes [book edition]

We all fangirls/fanboys have them, those amazing characters that we wish coexisted in our reality, or more like, we were part of theirs so we could have them as part of our lives … […!], not only when reading  or thinking about them but for real… 1,072 more words