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Being a fan? What's your opinion?

Last night I was hanging out with my cousin, and while we were watching TV we saw One Direction (a boy band) and me being a bitbof fan I started saying how cute is Harry and stuff like that, but he kinda started to give this speech how you shouldn’t be a fan, because os bad and stuff. 24 more words

When love’s a battle and life’s a war
When I just can’t go on fighting anymore
When I’m surrounded, and they’re closing in
When I feel the bullets graze against my skin…

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My first ever book review! So, step into my library…

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My go-to genre consists of serial killers, crime, suspenseful, gory and thrilling tales of woe. 433 more words

Book Review


I must spend at least four hours a day procrastinating on youtube, and it is a constant battle of my inner morals. These youtubers after all help me through life, they make me laugh, give tips and are always there for support at the click of a button. 118 more words

The Monster Goddess Book Club: February Review

Another month, another book!

This is the second review of the Monster Goddess Book Club, a collaboration with The Book Goddess. You can still participate in reading along with us in March! 431 more words


I'm Back!

SO, a couple months ago, I completely lost my password to get on here somehow. I don’t know what happened, but I just blanked out. This past Monday, though, I played around with different words until one granted me access, so I am back to blogging for the time being. 221 more words


The Monster Goddess Book Club - February

Another re-read again for me this month, the second in the Monster Goddess Book Club. I bought this book last year, and read it within a week, the story stuck with me as I myself feel alot like Cath. 377 more words