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Once Upon a Fangirl's Life

Once upon a fangirl’s life
I have a job and that is being a full time fangirl of what we so called “Kpop” or Korean pop and i absolutely love it! 513 more words



This is not my first wordpress but I created a new one because my last one was really bad. But here’s the deal. This blog will contain FANGIRL content such as Dan and Phil, Twenty One Pilots, Coldplay, Hunger Games, Stranger Things, etc. 34 more words



(wait. I can’t stop laughing smiling stupidly right now)

This isn’t really important but I just wanna post it. One of my fangirl-journal. Idc if you’re wasting your time by reading this. 499 more words


The Sick Book Tag

It’s Monday! Ugh… We all hate Mondays, don’t we? So to brighten up the day, I decided to do The Sick Book Tag (not really a cool name but whatever). 358 more words


Mayu's Teacup 23/10/16

I never did like rooibus, but Tea Witty’s Honeybush tea reminds me of it a bit but isn’t so sweet. Honeybush tastes slightly smoky, which I usually hate but in this case makes the tea even more delicious. 114 more words

Chirp Chirp Everyone!

Do you guys like the new greeting? I thought it was cute and I needed some changing here. I feel like I’ve had this blog for so long, but it’s actually just a few months, is it? 516 more words


Replica: Jazz Club

Okay, so this technically isn’t a Halloween themed beauty product, but it’s spooky how quickly I fell in love with this scent, so I’m going to roll with that as close enough. 281 more words