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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - The Official Movie Magazine (Starlog, 1991)

In my opinion, one of the best part of being a movie fan is the anticipation. Sometimes, the very idea of a movie that is coming up can be better than the movie that follows (Phantom Menace, anyone?). 632 more words


Like Night and Day

Lest complaining at length about Fangoria’s editing of an article I had a hand in makes me seem the obstreperous type (it certainly gave F-bomb conniptions to one staff member on Twitter), I should mention that most of the experiences I’ve had with editors has been extremely productive. 179 more words


Unkind Cuts

Daniel Riccuito, main author of The Beauty of Terror, with Jennifer Matsui and myself, is incandescent with rage about changes Fangoria magazine made to the piece without consulting us. 2,097 more words


Hurry While Shocks Last

I’m in Fangoria!

Daniel Riccuito, Jennifer Matsui and I have authored a Barbara Steele encomium/mash note, featuring original interviews with the First Lady of Fright herself. 217 more words


Jerry Only goes to the Movies

In preparation for the Misfits upcoming shows at the Observatory in Santa Ana, which will see the legendary Jersey outfit preforming their first three records (Static Age, Walk Among Us, and Earth AD) over the course of  three nights, from June 18th to the 20th. 451 more words