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Half-Life Fan Game is Headed to Steam

So, I said in a previous post that a fan made TimeSplitters is on the way. Something I didn’t think I would say is there is a fan made Half-Life on the way. 398 more words


[Video]KeunShin MV "All of Me" 2015

Lets fall in love over and over again folks with our couple keunshin coz we really missed them so much…..

with love: Admin Sukkie31


[Video] KeunShin Year End Similarities

This is just the part one of the compilation of our couple similarities 2015 “Wardrobe”


Ninja Turtles - Veterans of the Night

You should watch this before youtube copyright claims put this fanmade homage through the shredder.


[NEWS] Life is Strange gets a fanmade Otome Game

You read that right. As busy as I currently am with my exams and studies, I couldn’t help but start spazzing when I heard the news of this… 117 more words

Otome Game

Not the best Mood of the day :(

November with love (Memories in Ghana) – Jung YunHo


Real OR Fake

Can you tell the difference between these three covers? Which one is the fan made and which one is the official?