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New Battle Frontier Part 1

I just beat the battle frontier and I have to say I’m exhausted with all battles I’ve had I gone through all the 7 battles.  Scott said Hey Orion I want you to be a Frontier Brain. 306 more words


Pokémon Uranium first look: The PC title we've always hoped for or just average? *Spoiler Warning*

There have been many fan remakes of Pokémon games and many ‘fake’ copies released which try to create some new areas and storylines with all the creatures you are familiar with. 1,042 more words


Even more funny things Part 3

Batman puts Nightwing in charge of overseeing of The Joker. The Joker found what he was looking for the item it was a phone. It was a Phone to his one and only true love Harley Quinn. 165 more words


Funnier things part 2

Batman sees the body with the message craved in. Batman touches his com and said Alfred call everyone now. Alfred said right away master Bruce. Alfred called the whole bat family Robin, Nightwing,  Batgirl, and Redhood. 128 more words


Funny things part 1

In a city unknown, the Joker starts to reek havoc on the city. Joker and a man were at the docks. Joker said Good morning sunshine. 226 more words


[Vietsub + Kara] FTISLAND - Wonderful Life + We are... {FT501 Team}

We are…thì chuẩn đứt đuôi là fan song và lời lẽ thắm thượt tình ái giữa fan với idol rồi. Nhưng Wonderful Life cũng không kém cute khi có vẻ là lời từ góc nhìn từ fan gửi tới idol.   69 more words


Five Years Later, Fan-Made StarCraft RPG Finally Launches

(Source: kotaku.com)

Once billed as a full-fledged StarCraft MMO way back in 2011, StarCraft Universe ultimately downsized into a less-massive, still-multiplayer RPG that received Blizzard’s approval and picked up $84,000 on Kickstarter. 372 more words