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Butterscotch White Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are based on a recipe from a new favourite of mine, “The Fannie Farmer Cookbook”, the  classic American cookbook updated by Marion Cunningham. The link to buying the book is… 203 more words

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Fannie Farmer: Sick Day Saviour

Ok, Hands up whose ever been ill? Everyone, right! So then, you’ll know that food can be a god send when you’re under the weather. Maybe its a bowl of soup, maybe it’s your Granny’s homemade stew, maybe its a mammoth tub of ice cream; one things for sure, the sayings true, chicken soup (or whatever your sick day fix) is good for the soul. 763 more words

Fannie in the Kitchen

Written by Deborah Hopkinson, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2001

Marcia Shaw could do many things extremely well.

Young Marcia tries to help her mother around the house, but with a new baby on the way, Mama needs someone who can cook, so she hires a woman named Fannie Farmer to help in the kitchen.

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ON THIS DAY: March 23, 2018

March 23rd is

Chip and Dip Day

National Chia Day

National OK Day *

Puppy Day *

Near-Miss Day *

Tamale Day

World Meteorological Day * 1,847 more words


Butterscotch Sauce

Easy Butterscotch Sauce Recipe for Ice Cream

Ever wonder how to make butterscotch sauce? Relatively straight forward using every-day ingredients.


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Fannie Farmer Beverages

Chapter III Beverages.

Lovely chapter introduction in Fannie Farmer’s iconic book for Beverages.

Her cookbook was published starting 1887. My version is a 1924 edition. This would have been the height of Prohibition, so no wine, beer, or distilled liquors. 89 more words

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Gluten Free Bread Pudding 1924

Bread Pudding Recipe

What to do with those bread heels? (especially gluten free ones – which are on the edge of edible, if you know what I mean…) Save them until you have enough for bread pudding! 106 more words

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