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Gluten Free Bread Pudding 1924

Bread Pudding Recipe

What to do with those bread heels? (especially gluten free ones – which are on the edge of edible, if you know what I mean…) Save them until you have enough for bread pudding! 106 more words


New Beginnings

Although the holidays are now over, the memories still linger as the last of the decorations are coming down. This time of year is full of traditions and happy memories from holidays past. 392 more words


ON THIS DAY: January 7, 2018

January 7th is

Harlem Globetrotters Day *


Bobblehead Day *

Tempura Day

Computer Programmers’ Day *


MORE! Galileo, Butterfly McQueen and Gerald Durrell, click 1,156 more words


Waffles by Fannie Farmer

Fannie Farmer’s waffles aren’t very different from today’s modern waffle but they sure are tasty. About the only difference is the increased amount of baking powder used. 79 more words

Fannie Farmer

Creole Soup

I recently ran across The Fannie Farmer Cookbook in an antique store. This book was originally published in 1896.

Stock, water enriched by the food cooked in it, is an important ingredient in numerous soups. 204 more words

Sandra Merville Hart

Oatmeal Cookies

Fannies’ oatmeal cookies taste very similar, both in texture and sweetness, to her Hermit Cookies. While this recipe does not call for dried fruit, I would highly encourage the addition of some raisins or craisins. 55 more words

Fannie Farmer

Molasses Drop Cakes by Fannie Farmer

Y’all remember that Seinfeld episode where Elaine professes that the muffin tops are the only worthy part of a muffin?

Well… Fannie Farmer may have solved Elaine’s muffin woes (muffins sans “stump”). 69 more words

Fannie Farmer