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Have You Heard the Story About "The Home Story"

Have you heard the story about “The Home Story”?

That sounds like the start of a joke, but it’s no joke. It’s actually a great new tool from Fannie Mae. 165 more words

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Follow Up: Are You HARP-ing?

Thanks to Steve Deggendorf, reader of the blog and Director of Business Strategy in Fannie Mae’s Economic and Strategic Research from sharing some interesting charts about consumer attitudes towards refinance. 144 more words

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Are you HARPing?

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) expires at the end of 2015. It’s been a great opportunity for millions of Americans to refinance to lower rates even when they owed more than the value of the home. 433 more words

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CU Later

On January 26th, Fannie Mae released it’s newest “tool” – Collateral Underwriter (commonly known as CU). According to eFannieMae.com, CU is a proprietary model that provides an automated appraisal risk assessment to support proactive management of appraisal quality. 820 more words

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What Not Refinancing Can Cost a Member?

The other day the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article entitled “The Steep Cost of Not Refinancing.” There’s lots of memberlicious nuggets here to take away. 613 more words

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Who to Serve?

Today, I got the opportunity to hear Steve Deggendorf, Fannie Mae’s Director of Economic & Strategic Research, present some of Fannie’s most recent market research. If you don’t pay attention to the information Fannie researches and presents (for free) you are missing out big time. 489 more words

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What Is Really Happening With Fannie & Freddie!


If you’re a mortgage borrower your great goal in life is to get a lower rate. While 2012 saw the lowest mortgage rates in 65 years, 2013 and early 2014 have not been far off the mark. 1,123 more words

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