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My recommendations for movie watching this week in L.A. 3/20/2015-3/27/2015

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Foreign Language Film

Denne kategori er altid meget spændende – især for os danskere. Svenskerne er også godt med. De vandt kategorien i 1983 med Fanny og Alexander af Ingmar Bergman, som nok er en af de største instruktører i Skandinavien nogensinde. 234 more words

Oscars 2015

Weekend Round Up

All the movies I’ve watched this weekend, in alphabetical order:


The coming of age in Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece: Summer Interlude (1951)

There’s no sub-genre more personal to me right now than the coming-of-age film. The best ones, The Tree of Life (2011), Boyhood (2014), Fanny och Alexander  482 more words


Ingmar and Alexander

Fanny and Alexander is Ingmar Bergman’s antidote to religious fanaticism.  In both the television and the theatrical version, Bergman presents the world of theater as a humane alternative to a world ruled by an angry and judgmental God. 1,181 more words


Being a snob and a slob

Those 80’s high school movies were full of snob vs. slob stories. On one side you had pure animal instinct. The slobs were maybe not the cleanest of the high schoolers on display, but they made up for their general sweatiness with a raw physicality that attracted – at least at first – all the pretty girls. 1,519 more words


Blackpaint 454 - South American Abstracts, Magic Realism and Dead Drunk Danes

Radical Geometry at the Royal Academy

South American geometric abstract art from Brazil (Sao Paolo, Rio), Uruguay and Argentina (Montevideo and Buenos Aires) and Venezuela (Caracas).   660 more words

Painting, Traditional, Modern And Abstract, Conceptual Art