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Multiversic takes on 9/11

Despite its being the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks Sunday, I had decided to, here, pass over the event in silence. Then, The Griffin Trust website… 225 more words

The Brouillon


The prompt of questioning, and recent reading on ethics, have led me to pose for myself a framework for poems that walk between the abstract (ideas, values, philosophies) and the more concrete, pragmatic phenomena in my life (ethics, gardens, weeds, human beings). 453 more words


Irish-American Writers

Here’s a list of famous Irish-American writers, including Alan Dugan, Billy Collins, Charles Olson, Fanny Howe, Frank O’Hara, Galway Kinnell, Alice Fulton, James Laughlin, John Berryman, Kay Ryan, Louise Bogan, William Logan, and X.J. 73 more words

A taste of rhizome mind

From Poetics of the Rhizome. A course set to start soon.

Before the World Wide Web, there was a worldwide web. Human beings are recent guests in that web, guests often rude and destructive, but sometimes stunned with awe, or love. 487 more words


Far and Away [excerpt], by Fanny Howe

The rain falls on.
Acres of violets unfold.
Dandelion, mayflower
Myrtle and forsythia follow.

The cardinals call to each other.
Echoes of delicate
Breath-broken whistles. 109 more words