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More poetry: Second Childhood, by Fanny Howe

I read another poetry book the other day. The other night, really – I couldn’t sleep, so I wanted something short to read. Second Childhood… 558 more words


To List or Not to List?

Today we’ll discuss the pros and cons of one of the most popular contemporary poetic forms, specifically, the “list” poem. Some of us decry it, calling foul for the lack of a clear narration or think it’s simply an easy shortcut around the work it takes to create a traditional poem. 257 more words

More Than Poor Manners

More than poor manners not to account

MARIA BOWLER • March 4th 2015

It’s difficult for everyone. And the streets contain blood and dirt. A wet winter in New York follows with no appreciable transition from the hot garbage August except fewer jackhammers drill; some remain. 1,125 more words

Issue 7


‘The very fact that she wrote poetry in Buchenwald suggests that poetry itself is a part of the mind reserved for resistance to force.  Poetry doesn’t just help someone survive, it is a survivor itself: fluid, protean, as it passes through walls, and brings a particular beat to a way of thinking and being.’

Fanny Howe

POETRY: Shadows, by Fanny Howe


It was still daylight
Seeing as the rim
Of the earth tended towards night
When she said the Messiah is turning
Let loose the demons from his cloth… 221 more words


"Do you have your helium ready?" // Anselm Kiefer

The ship, like the sea, is an ambiguous image.

The sea supports the weight of massive ships while constantly threatening to consume them in its depths. 362 more words

Art / Poetry

The sky is a fish packed in ice.

Fanny Howe, “This Eye”
(Come and See, Greywolf Press, 2011)