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It raises my spleen more than anything, to have the pretence of being asked, of being given a choice, and at the same time addressed in such a way as to oblige one to do the very thing,whatever it be!

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Mansfield Park: Casted

Because I totally need a reference for my imagination when I read something.

Guys, I seriously have a problem with Mansfield Park. It needs to stop. 706 more words


Jane Austen - "Mansfield Park"

Looking at my queue of books I want to write a review about I just realised how I’ve neglected my blogging activity – and my English skills (sorry for that one). 648 more words


Character Study: Fanny Price

While I love all Jane Austen’s heroines, (and Lizzie and Emma will always be my favorites), Fanny (Mansfield Park) has a special place in my heart. 1,351 more words


MANSFIELD PARK: A Return to Jane Austen

This book has been described as Jane Austen’s most politically-charged and therefore most controversial novel because she mentions the British slave trade and Fanny’s uncle does business in the West Indies. 818 more words

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In Defense of Fanny Price

Everyone should know what their favorite Jane Austen novel is (and if not, they’d better start reading). In my case, it’s a close tie between Persuasion and Mansfield Park at the moment (having just reread Persuasion). 1,277 more words

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