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Sophia is back!

It’s that time again, exclusive limited items have returned. Looks like they are doing an Olympic theme as Sophia is selling Aussie items but I also see some Brazilian items in the collections. 14 more words



Super excited, the costumes look cool. Hopefully double gold even though I just bought some for the EXCLUSIVE LIMITEDS and would you believe I missed the most important item.( AMERICAN BATHING SUIT) if anyone has one to sell HMU!


Class of 2016 event!

This has got to be the easiest way to earn levels ever, which is cool because I heard the pizza one was hard. Basically you have to remember to log in everyday for the next week and visit The Palm and the Cruise Ship. 22 more words


Bingo Bonanza!

No clue what was up with Bingo this weeks but it actually opens now. If you wanna play comment below. I will be checking your times at about 10am tomorrow. 23 more words


Fantage Summer OOTW

Hi Fantagians,

Just letting you guys know that there wont be a regular OOTW this week. Starting from next week I will be posting Summer Outfit Of The Week! 26 more words


Pizza Party 2016 Outfits!

Hey Fantagians, 

So the Pizza Party event has been released and there have been cool limited items with it. The price of each item is cheap enough to buy for a change. 72 more words


Bingo Bonanza! Starts 5/30/16

School is out! For the next 5 weeks I’ll be holding a contest, involving my Favorite game. Every Monday a new Bingo Board is posted. Whoever joins my game gets a chance to win 10,000 Gold every week. 82 more words