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Daily Bonus !

Another daily bonus ! Yayyyyyyy ヾ(*´∇`)ノ Free stuff ヾ(*´∇`)ノ This time, it’s two weeks (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ) And no permission (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ) October 11 ~ October 24… 30 more words

MyMall Update !

Fantage has added more rooms at MyMall ! Each floor now has rooms A ~ O & kiosks 1 ~ 10.

Yay ! No more overcrowding at MyMall :D

PM Boutique

To be honest, I prefer Vintage Gold over PM Boutique …

To break it all down, The more months you pay for your membership ( I think ) , the more items you get to rent per month. 21 more words

Best Friend Forever !

Where to buy:

Limited (?) Items:

Tbh, it’s pretty cute :D But I’m out of gold… .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

New Daily Bonus !

Log in everyday during the event to receive a prize ! Up until October 10th. On the 6th day, you’ll receive 3 Cody’s Crazy Combos coupons and a 1-Day MyMall Permission ticket. 36 more words

- Welcome to my Fantage Blog!

Hey there my fellow fantagians! I’m fancyalice00. You can call me Alice.
Welcome to my brand new fantage blog! I’ve been inspired by many many other fantage blogs to create my own. 77 more words