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Fantage Limited Edition Items Coming Soon!

The event is starting June 1st. This won’t be a very long post, but again guys sorry for not posting a part 2 for the prom event(lol I’m really bad at that), but I will have the post for the items updated so you can know what the prices are for the items and when they are sold out. Look forward to it!


Fantage Prom 2017: Midnight in Morocco Part 1

My first ever Fantage prom! This event is lasting from 5/18-5/31. There is limited items, limo rides, and voting for Prom Queen and King! There will also be a Part 2 for this post since this is a pretty long event. 96 more words


Official Hiatus Announcement

Hello! I’ve been very busy(which is why i’ve been on a sort of “unofficial” hiatus), but now I feel as if I truly need to due to some life problems that I can’t discuss. 20 more words


Fantage Mother's Day 2017

After a little break without any events on Fantage, they have one for Mother’s Day! There are many events you can do, such as catching flowers at the Forest, creating origami flowers, and making cards for your mom! 186 more words


Lookbook With the New Fantage Items!

I felt like doing another lookbook since the last one was for Valentine’s Day. Here are all the outfits I styled!

What do you guys think of these new items? 11 more words


Fantage New Rare Items!

Fantage has been good about releasing new rare items recently! Here are pictures of the boy and girl outfits:



Very Rare:


I love these items! 30 more words


MyMall Service Maintenance

Is MyMall changing again? Will it really come back? How long will it be gone? Why is it down?

It might be changing, but it’s hard to say what they would change. 166 more words