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MyMall Service Maintenance

Is MyMall changing again? Will it really come back? How long will it be gone? Why is it down?

It might be changing, but it’s hard to say what they would change. 166 more words


Free Premium Membership Week

In honor of Fantage’s 9th anniversary, they are letting EVERYONE have membership for the week! Now nonmembers can hatch pets, buy exclusive clothing, and just have all the benefits of being a member. 26 more words


Outfit of the Week #10: Easter... A Little Late

I apologize for my inactivity on this blog lately, I promise I’ll try to post a little more often! I may do a post on the second part of the Easter event but I may not since it’s ending pretty soon. 16 more words


Outfit of the Week #9: Summer Ready

I was feeling very summery today, so I decided to design an outfit that you could wear to the beach!

I’m thinking of doing a Spring Break Lookbook, how would you guys like that? 12 more words


Fantage Easter 2017 Part 1

Next week is Easter, and Fantage has released their event for it! You will either be put on Team Jellybean or Team Marshmallow, and they will compete to see who can collect the most eggs. 157 more words


Outfit of the Week #8: Clowning Around

Happy April Fool’s Day! In celebration of this wacky holiday I decided to base an outfit off of this! What do you guys think of it? 9 more words


Fantage April Fool's Day 2017

April Fool’s is here! There isn’t any special activities that you have to do to get the medal(or at the moment), so there is just some outfits you can buy.   95 more words