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Survivor Fantage S2 Day 2

The Survivor Fantage Day 2 challenge was Mad Maths.

Andy won immunity from voting with the score of 5106.

Votes were cast and unfortunately Gianna was eliminated with votes votes for her. 16 more words


Survivor Fantage S2 Day 1

The Survivor Fantage Day 1 Challenge was Fish Fish.

Hipdreams won immunity from voting for getting the highest score of 79100


Although votes were cast, Viphamood was inactive for the whole time, not submitting a score or vote, he was therefore eliminated for day 2. 12 more words


Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year Fantagians!

Fantage has made it to 2017! There a bunch of new items, the ball drop, and another double gold sale with special items. 80 more words


Survivor Fantage Season 2 Contestants

These 10 Contestants were chosen for Season 2 of Survivor Fantage. Congratulations, we wish you luck.


Survivor Fantage

A competition run by zookazoodude and emu567. Follow @survivor.fantage on Instagram to follow along live.

Survivor Fantage is a game in which 10 contestants battle for the highest score in a game on Fantage to win immunity. 47 more words


Sophia is back!

It’s that time again, exclusive limited items have returned. Looks like they are doing an Olympic theme as Sophia is selling Aussie items but I also see some Brazilian items in the collections. 14 more words



Super excited, the costumes look cool. Hopefully double gold even though I just bought some for the EXCLUSIVE LIMITEDS and would you believe I missed the most important item.( AMERICAN BATHING SUIT) if anyone has one to sell HMU!