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Glitches discovered by me

Blank: 1. Go onto chat. 2. press the spacebar. Blank speech bubble!

Disappear: 1. Go in front of the free PM gift. 2. Press collect my gift, then immediately go to inventory. 60 more words

Fantage Cheats

How to clone your avatar

  1. Go to the Sunblock on the beach
  2. Change your skin, then go through the tabs of your inventory
  3. Move somewhere else. A clone will be standing in your place…
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Fantage Cheats

How to get free PM eyes

  1. Go to the Spanish server 
  2. Go to the sunblock
  3. Select a pair of PM eyes
  4. Now, at the part where you pay, it will be free.
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Fantage Cheats

How to get to the Oasis/Dock


  1. Go to the Carnival
  2. Click ‘Play Card Quest’, then tap ‘Deck builder’
  3. Press ‘Play Card Quest’, then exit
  4. You will come to a desert with a well…
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Fantage Cheats

Fantage new event "Happy Holidays 2016"

New holiday event 2016 part 1 (12/15 – 12/21). 
fantage recently released a new event .. with ‘Rescue Elfie’ like Rescue Rudolph, You get snowflakes when u find elfie and  can trade the snowflakes for  279 more words


How to make your avatar change sizes

1.Go to the photo booth on the island and choose a stage.                                                         2. Click the little closet at the top left corner, and go to February 2014, body accessories.   25 more words

Fantage Cheats

Fantage tricks: Create your own hairstyle

(This isn’t really a trick, but it’s still cool.)

  1. Click on your inventory and click the the hair you want to style. Tap the ‘Hair dye’ button.
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