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The Eyes of a Member

This goes to you non-members. Ever wanted to get those gorgeous member eyes? Well you can! It’s simple! Just follow the path of free member eyes below. 192 more words


How to Fly High in Fantage

Don’t know how to fly in Fantage? I made a flying tutorial today to show you guys who don’t know how to fly high in Fantage.


Hey Fantagians!

Hi, it’s Karla930 from Fantage and this is my blog! My blog is filled with…

– Fantage updates
– Articles
– Polls
– Fanarts
– Advice… 35 more words


Where are the Item Machines?

Where are all the item machines and vendors such as the Moodie vendor, and the Pet Locked Items? They’ve been scattered because of the new Fantage layout! 118 more words


What Text Shows

It’s super annoying when red filters your chat while trying to talk to someone.

So what words show? Or how to make certain words show? 133 more words


Linh is backkkkkk lmaoo

Hey Callians :) I missed a lot of you guys a lot. Since I’ve been gone, as you know, Krithy has taken over, and she’s done an amazing job. 218 more words

The Old Areas are Still Here!

I was on one of my newbie accounts, then I discovered a┬áMini Q’s tricks that can take you to the old areas such as Wizard’s Domain and Creature Area! 154 more words