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The Adventures of Panda8pie #2

After the Le Shop incident, I decided to go downtown, and I found something interesting…
3 mintys, all aligned…

all belonging to the same person… 49 more words


New Pets!

New pets coming to Fantage soon!

Little Codies!

I totally LOL-ed at this.

Little Codies?

Seriously Fantage?


But they look kinda cute…




Fantage Event

Fashionable Pet Event

Whooo. Yet another Fantage event .-.

Well, at least we get this:

Yay. We get to walk AIR. You amuse me, Fantage.


Ha. Funny, have you guys noticed I only post a couple of the event ‘cheats’ then stop? 9 more words


Pool Party And More!

Fantage Europe closed down:P

Why capitalize the h?

Free T-shirts at Pet Town(if you own that pet). Non-members: Mumbo and Jimbo! Adorable.

New boards! The ship one reminds me of that lizard that scares it’s predators  by expanding its neck e_e



Fantage Ice Cream Festival! Mini Game 4: Fishing Trip With Dad! Cheats

Go Uptown/Downtown and click the lady from the Star Cafe.

You need to get 40 points(4 fish).

Just click PUSH when the hook is directly over one of the ripples. 35 more words


20-Min Pet Codes, New Furniture

How to Hatch your Pets in 20-min.

New furniture out also. Including…

Yuppers for non-members :mrgreen:

WordPress has updated(only affects you if you have a blog and are in the Dashboard). 33 more words


New Vintage Arrivals!

Also, would you like to know how to hatch pets in TWENTY MINUTES?

You’ll find out Thursday(;