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Lee & Kirby: FANTASTIC FOUR #3

It’s time to take a look at FANTASTIC FOUR #3. While I won’t be posting every page, I will be going a bit more in-depth on this one, as it’s the earliest issue for which some of the original art still exists, and examining those original pages tells us a number of interesting things about just how this story was produced. 3,868 more words


Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1: Not Made of Stone

A few weeks ago, I picked up two variants of the Fantastic Four Wedding Special #1. I was originally mildly annoyed at having picked up two copies of the issue but as I was putting this post together, the benefit arose when I was able to piece together a crude love heart from them both (Even if Namor looks a little too menacing for a post ultimately revolving around love). 797 more words


Phase 3 (15)

Welcome back for the final part of the, look I will be completely honest here. I don’t have a cool title for this little mini series here. 822 more words

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Spider-Man: two new outfits have appeared in the PS4 game

Fans of “Spider-Man” will be able to access two new costumes in the video game. These outfits are themed around the “Fantastic Four”. They are Marvel’s first modern superheroes but they have been lost their popularity in favour of newer characters. 51 more words


Phase 2 (14)

Welcome to part two of the untitled multi part thing I’ve got going on here. Yesterday I discussed one possible way I would introduce the X-Men/Fantastic Four characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 753 more words

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197111 Fantastic Four v1 116

The good ol’ doctor sacrificing himself for the greater good.

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