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10 Reasons The Fantastic Voyage Is A Bucket List Must Do

Recently I had the Blackest dream ever – I was at a big party with tons of fun people and near the end of the night, I was watching… 1,985 more words


Is Tyler Perry Retiring Madea?

You read that title right, Tyler Perry might be retiring Madea for good. When we’re not sure but it might be happening.

“I don’t know man it might be time for everything,” said Perry.” Before my son gets old enough to realize what the hell his dad is doing.” 147 more words

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Guy's Got A Gripe: Did We Go On The Same Cruise?

5/7/18- Guy’s back with another gripe and he’s mad! Guy thought everyone was going to be on the show this morning but was surprised to find out that no one is there but him and Jacque. 58 more words

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Top Of The Morning: The Greatest Cruise Since Noah's Ark

5/7/18- Skip Murphy is in the big chair and Guy Torry and Jacque Reid are back from the cruise and have so much to share about their time. 82 more words

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The 2019 Fantastic Voyage Is Selling Out!


TheĀ 2019 Fantastic Voyage is selling quickly! People are not messing around and don’t want to miss out on all the fun. Where else can you cruise, have the time of your life and keep kids in HBCU’s? 81 more words

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The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: People Are Booking The 2019 Cruise!


People are already booking the 2019 Fantastic Voyage! Each year gets better and better and next year will be no different! In the past, the cruise has featured performances by… 103 more words

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The 2018 Fantastic Voyage: No Wearing Camoflauge In Jamaica


The Fantastic Voyage is making their way to Jamaica and the Captain of the ship plans on making a announcement to the cruise about not wearing camouflage into the country. 69 more words

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