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Atari 2600 - Fantastic Voyage

“Do I have something in my eye?”
“Just a few humans, don’t worry.” 481 more words

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Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage by Isaac Asimov has been a pleasant read. But stop reading this review now if you haven’t read the book yet, as it contains… 117 more words


Almost Done

When handsome darkness flies toward the light… and brave saddle brats refuse to fight… and rain pours down wisdom from the sky… i am almost done. 184 more words


Stephen and the Bombshells! - Stephen Boyd talks about filming sexy scenes

Anecdotes of Sexy Scenes

by Dorothy Manners, September 11, 1966

Stephen Boyd and I were talking about the hot love scenes, particularly in foreign films. They have become so completely accepted by American audiences there’s considerable talk about up-dating and revising the Code (Motion Picture Association of America’s Seal of Approval- in other words the guide-line of the censor) to allow for more leeway for mature sex in scripts. 608 more words

Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd in Westerns Part 3: "Hannie Caulder", 1971 (Raquel Welch)

Stephen Boyd spent the better part of 1971 making films in Spain. It’s a little difficult to track the order of the movies, but it seems like he started with “Marta”, visited the set of “Hannie Caulder” for literally two days, filmed “Kill!” and “The Great Swindle”. 1,008 more words

Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd and Raquel Welch - Behind the Scenes Photos from the Making of "Fantastic Voyage", 1965

Behind the scenes photos of a scene that didn’t make it in the final edit of the movie “Fantastic Voyage”. Stephen Boyd, Raquel Welch and Edmund O’Brien along with Director Richard Fleischer can be seen assessing the set-up.

Stephen Boyd

Don't call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.

via Daily Prompt: Clean

Clean.  What you frantically do to your house after watching a marathon of Hoarders episodes.

Clean.  How you eat when you get a bit freaked out by all of the chemicals listed on food packaging. 586 more words

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